Play phrases simultaneously?


I’m all new to phrases. Anyway, I created four phrases with some different drum beats where phrase 1 is the main beat and the other phrases are drum fills.

In the pattern editor I have phrase 1 playing on track 1 and when I added some of the other phrases to track 2 the phrase in track 1 stops playing.

When the F-400 in track 2 starts playing the C-400 in track 1 “dies”.


Should I not use phrases like this or is there some setting I’m missing?


Phrases don’t constrain you to a single track, but if you’re using FX chains then they can only be directed to one track each. By default they’re set to ‘Current Track’, which is the track the most recent note has played in.

I have a disabled FX Chain on this. So if I remove that, is should be able to play phrase 1 and 2 in track 1 and 2 at the same time? I do have FX directly on track 2, could that also make so the phrases doesn’t play simultaneously?

Disabling the FX chain will allow phrases to be played on any number of tracks simultaneously (though if you have any Plugins in the instrument they will still be constrained to one track). Track effects won’t cause you any problems.