play sample by the end?

Is there a way to play/record a sample in the pattern editor by the end and not the start, where a note value indicates where the sample ends and the content of the sample playing before and up to the note entered. For example this would be useful for having a reverse cymbal always attached to a snare no matter if the BPM is adjusted later.

I’m not shure if i get what you’re asking for, but it sounds to me like you want a sample to start playing before it’s been triggered and that is not possible.

Would make a great script; line up ending of sample instrument to pattern editor cursor. Select instrument in instrument list (for example reversed cymbal ;)), hit keyboard shortcut and the instrument is automatically placed in the pattern editor, length exactly preceding the playback cursor.

If you would change bpm/lpb or pattern lengths later on, this would mess up the syncing though.

that sounds unbelievably confusing!

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. This is similar to a past suggestion where you set a trigger point in a sample. It would basically be an extension of what autoseek does.

Here is a topic discussing the same feature

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Thanks for the info guys! I was hoping it was something simple that I missed.

the simple approach for me is to render the sample to the length you want, and then reverse it.

for example, you have a cymbal that goes 5 beats, and you want to place it so that it finishes at the end of a measure

place the cymbal, render out 6 beats (or maybe 2 measures to keep it even simpler / more obvious). It will have silence at the end, which is what it’ll start as when you reverse it.

It’s a couple more steps, but to me is easier to understand than what you suggest (which I also understand, it would just confuse me a bit, personally). It’s also definitely scriptable :slight_smile: