Play Samples With Desired Amount Of Finetuning?

Please note that this is not a need, but a suggestion: Can a code be added to Renoise to play a sample with a desired amount of fine-tuning?

In many traditional eastern modes (Persian, Arabian, Indian, Armenian, Chinese & etc.) there are quarter-tones in the sequence of the notes in a mode, i.e. half of a semi-tone higher or lower than a note. The Persian mode “Shour” can be a good example:

As you see there are two notes with the symbol which is called ‘KORON’ and means a quarter-tone lower. E.g. the second note is a quarter-tone lower than A, located between G# and A.

There are many eastern modes like this one with ‘KORONs’ and ‘SORIs’ (a quarter-tone higher) so when I want to make a song in these modes using Renoise I have to do one of the following:

1 – Loading 3 instances of each sample, then fine-tuning 2 of them in a way that they sound a quarter-tone lower and higher respectively, and use them when ‘KORONs’ or ‘SORIs’ are needed.

2 – Generate a sample kit using instrument editor and insert quarter-tone transposed samples in their appropriate locations in the mode sequence.

Now if a code can be added to Renoise in order to play samples with a desired amount of fine-tuning making music in such modes can be done times and times faster, also it will help in virtualization of instruments like trumpet, sax, etc. IMO.

Sorry if it went too long… :rolleyes:

Excellent post mate. I enjoyed learning all that! I will be on wikipedia trying to get more info later…

As for he suggestion, yeah this is obviously a good idea. Any extras are always welcome.


This sounds great!

there have been some discussions about this in the past, where I suggested method 1 as the easiest workaround.

anyway, there are also VST samplers which have support for microtuning.

would be really nice to have such a feature (and also the musical knowledge to take advantage of it… :))

Dear wormjar, there are some general information about eastern traditional modes and scales in wikipedia but they don’t contain detailed info, of course wikipedia in Persian contains more detailed info, and unfortunately the sites which contain info about these traditional music are in their relative languages… Any way if you are interested in knowing more about principles of Persian traditional music take a look at here. This website is in English.

Dear It-Alien (my favorite composer :w00t: ) i was too lazy to go through the older topics, sorry. yes the 1st method is usually more handy.