Play Selection / Start-end-point

It would be nice if renoise would play the selection in your sample, rather than your sample. This allows for easier auditioning different selections of your sample without having to cut and undo ( and long loading times while cutting big samples ).

Another option would be to add start and end points, so this feature wouldn’t interfere with any other way people have gotten to make use of their selections as it is right now ( i couldn’t imagine what use it would be as it is though).

Yet another more advanced option would be to introduce non-destructive chopping. Where you actually have all of the options stated above but with the benefit of not having to chop up a whole song into seperate samples. You would just have the song you’re sampling as one big sample. And then you would have a start and an end marker for every sample you would like to have from this big sample ( so no more need for Copy Into New Sample ).

May i suggest you to do some searching in this list… the last two posted suggestions have been made a few times…
Yes there is lots to improve on instrument and sample area. Every new release something is done in this area. Hopefully one of the next big updates include the complete Instrument area overhaul.

I’ll have to admit I didn’t know on what terms to search for this, but isn’t it usefull to know how big of a demand there is for this feature?

First one is possible. Use the Enter key. Unfortunately you can not play at different pitches this way though.

Other two have been discussed in one way or another and thing needed most for the last one is a global sample pool, which is something most, if not all, Renoise users hope to see soon.

Thanks… thats a slight relief because I was using the mouse for that all the time. But what I actually meant was that the notes in the pattern will trigger your selection rather than your whole sample.

You can change the [c-4] next to the play sample button (bottom towards the right of sample editor) to change the pitch for this method.

It’s not what you mean, but also a cool feature is to make the selection with the mouse-wheel click-drag to play it. Useful when searching a certain position from a large sample.

Nice feature, wasn`t aware of that one!