Play Vst Output Routing

I’m using several of EastWest’s virtual instruments through their PLAY sampler VST, but I keep running into the same replicable bug.

Within the VST you can choose to which output to route each instrument. The default is channels 1 and 2 (for left and right respectively) which works perfectly fine.
However, if I choose to route to 3 and 4 and remap the routing within Renoise accordingly I only get sound from the left channel. Channels 5 to 18 and up don’t produce any sound at all.
This is highly annoying because it forces me to start a new VST instance for each instrument I want to use. I also can’t use the built-in convolution reverb because it eats up way too much CPU to process each instrument individually.

does this happen in other music programs too?

I do not have any DAW except for Renoise. However since there are no complaining posts on EastWest’s forums, I’d guess it works fine for other applications.

This looks like a bug in Play 2. I didn’t experienced this problem with Play 1.2.5, though i had difficulties to figure out where to set the routing in the first place. But i will have to downgrade to test this to be sure.
Suikun, did you updated to Play 2?

Yes I did upgrade to Play 2, however it also didn’t work with any older version of Play (<=1.2.5) or Renoise 2.1. Maybe I’m missing something horribly obvious, so I made some screenshots to illustrate:

The routing display within Renoise correctly switches between “not playing” when Play is playing nothing and “track 4” when I hit a key, so it knows there is something but I still don’t get any sound.
Enabling all busses and routing them to master doesn’t change anything btw.

I’m currently in the middle of PLAY reinstallation. I’ll keep an eye on this issue.

I can replicate this using Renoise 2.5, Terratec EWX 24/96 and PLAY software 2.09 (latest one).

I never experienced something similar when I used PLAY in the past, but I never used version 2.09 before.

suikun: can you still reproduce this issue? for some reason I can’t.

I have to specify again that, on the contrary of you, I never experienced such a problem in earlier versions of PLAY and Renoise

Any progress on this issue? I have exactly the same problem… :(

I can still reproduce this.
But this is with play 2.0.8.

I notice 2.0.9 is also online (Have to test this one first):
Changes and enhancements in PLAY Software Update version 2.0.9

  • fixed Cubase GUI crash - fixed drop note when playing at voice limit - full snow leopard and windows 7 compatibility - re-designed browser window for enhanced control and overview of loaded instruments - several new convolution reverb IR’s and presets - optimized streaming engine on all platforms - optimized memory footprint and CPU utilization in all platforms - fixes to offline bouncing and freezing in several host platforms - several other fixes and enhancements in all host platforms - additional fixes to prevent stuck notes on some hosts - new micro tunings for QL Silk and QL Ra - extended streaming setting dialog with reset engine functionality - fixed sustain pedal threshold - improved fonts for Stormdrum 2 and Orchestra - hard limit to 0dB on the audio output for standalone - implemented poly aftertouch automation - product libraries entries in the browser now can be changed/added/deleted - fixed portamento and first silent note issue

could you please try if you can still reproduce with 2.0.9 and, if so, open a ticket at or on the support forums (for this it is needed to type your authorization code)

Nopes, 2.0.9 does not resolve the issue.

I just wanted to note that this problem persists with Play 2.0.18.
I’ve also opened a ticket at last week, but I have yet to hear back from them.

as far as I have experienced, they are usually a bit slow in the responses. thanks for submitting a ticket.

I still cannot reproduce this issue anymore, which is really strange

Hey suikun,

sorry for the lag. I don’t have PLAY here, and we never got such an issues reported before, so I thought this gets solved with the help of the others - probably by changing some settings/options in the plug-in.

I’ve now also contacted the soundsonline crew for help, and if its just to give us access to a version of PLAY we can test here. I’ll let you know as soon as they respond…

PLay itself is also still being updated with new patches and fixes… so there is still lots of stuff not right with Play itself.

We’ve fixed this prob for the next Renoise 2.6 beta, but theres an easy way to get the routing working right now, without the Renoise update:

  • Load Play
  • Enable all routings in the “Setup Routing” dialog for Play
  • Hit panic in Renoise (click twice on stop)

You can also simply enable all routings and save the song, then load it again. Routings will always work just fine in loaded songs. Play seems to try to memorize the enabled/disable routings somehow which conflicts a bit with Renoises way to en/disable them.