Playback From Start Of Song

I think im being very stupid here but i can seem to play back the entire song from the start using spacebar/r-ctrl/r-alt/etc

it just plays the song from the start of the pattern im in… is there a way to change this? im on a mac by the way.

thanks for your help!

i don’t think there is a specific key-combo for playback from the first pattern (atleast not bound to any shortcut)

either doubleclick the arrow in the pattern matrix (single click queues the pattern) for the first pattern or use arrows (when the pattern matrix is highlighted) or ctrl + arrows (if you are in the pattern editor) to go to the first pattern and hit space/r-ctrl/r-alt. (might work with pgdn/pgup to go directly… dunno. i’m at work right now)

eh, not the best explanation there… hope that helps.

thanks for the reply.

ah thats a shame, it would be quicker to just hit space and play from the start of the song, instead of having to scroll all the way back to the top.

so what is the difference between space, r-ctrl, and r-alt?

Just hit ctrl + home and then space. You’ll get used to it quickly.

thanks! didn’t know you could use home/end-keys with the Ctrl-command as well. i just clicked the first pattern, or used Ctrl-Up/Down. this will save me a bit of time.

Right click on the most-left sequence arrow will also instantly play the selected position from start.