Playing And Copying Selection

questions :

  1. I’m used to PlayerPro, where CMD+click on a selection in a pattern would play the selection. Can’t seem to find an equivalent here. Is there one? Much quicker than a loop block and you could listen to just one track for example. Hitting return isn’t as good as it plays all tracks at a given point. I want to be able to quickly audition stuff without actually soloing a track.

  2. I’m also having trouble copying stuff from one track to another independant of the insertion point. Is there a way for me to copy a selection, jump to next pattern, then simply hit paste and assume it will paste were the selection begins, without having to make sure the insertion point is at the start of the pattern?

thanks in advance

  1. good idea, but this is not currently available in Renoise, as of version 2.0

  2. what you are asking is not how it works in Renoise, where you have to leftclick once(*) to set the selection beginning before pasting, but you are probably already aware of this. what is probably confusing you is that you use the mouse to create a selection, and this usually results in the pattern cursor being moved to the end of the selection, thus, when you move to the pattern where you want to paste and perform the task, the copied stuff gets pasted in the wrong place. I never noticed this because I almost always use LCTRL+B and LCTRL+E to define the Beginning and the End of the selection, then ALT+F4 to copy and ALT+F5(**) to paste

(*) or twice, if Edit => Preferences => GUI => Single mouse click navigation is disabled

(**) the standard LCTRL+C/V shortcuts are also available

thanks for the reply.

i guess i’ll get used to how renoise works for pasting stuff around. the only thing that is annoying is that for instance when copying a track’s data to another pattern, often clicking at the beginning of the pattern means the window will focus on that area and the whole pattern will no longer be visible, and you won’t see what you’re pasting. i’m betting there’s a way not to have it focus though, so i’ll look into that.

let me also say that the command i was referring to in my first question might seem simple or redundant but is in my humble opinion a very powerful feature. i will definitely be making a suggestion for it where appropriate. it is really useful for working fast to be able to quickly listen to single notes on a single track or any given selection in just one click of the mouse, and i suppose this wouldn’t be very hard to implent.

feel free to post your suggestion here, I reckon this is a neat feature and I will agree on that

Playing a selection in a pattern would be rad! Someone suggest it or I will! ;)

thanks for moving this to the suggestions!

let’s hear it for playing a selection with CMD-click! (…or CTRL-click on a pc i guess)

by the way, how exactly does the suggestion process work? based on votes or simply the developers checking the forum to see what they like? a bit of both?

It would only require a little adjustment to the Render to Sample feature and then the same source routine could probably be used to do this.

I see, so it would be kind of like “preview of sample to be rendered” from a certain perspective?
Basically i saw it as just a quick “play button” for selected material, but i guess it would also be useful in that respect, as a preview of a sample. But i guess anyway you were talking from more of a programming perspective. In any case i’m glad to hear it would be easy to implement!