Playing And Stopping...

Ok, so I’ve gone through manuals and so on still just don’t get it: when I have a long pattern (let’s say 256), and want to hear it NOT from the beginning but from somewhere in the middle, how does that work??? :(
I’m happy for an answer

thanks sys

check the keyboard shortcuts. (<-when in renoise 1.8 go to ‘help’ in top of screen and click ‘print keyboard shortcuts’, nice to have this on paper in front of you)

To play from cursor position instead of the beginning of the pattern press left shift key + right control, to play from cursor and have the pattern loop press left shift key + right alt key.

systray: My preferred way of playing a piece of music halfway down the pattern, is using the block-mode. Use to select/deselect a part of your pattern (the size of it is selectableat the top of the screen, just beneath the play/stop-buttons). If the track is not already running, selecting a block using will also start playing that block. Stop and start again using .

Block start and stop should be freely assignable, and maybe shortcuts for marking a block around the selection would be nice.