Playing Back Aiffs In Renoise

I’m having a few problems with my AIFFs. Certain AIFFs playback OK in the browser window, however, there are other AIFFS that will not playback. I can only get severe noise. Why is this?


Cant answer this question Im afraid, but you could try one of these free samplers to play your aiffs in renoise in the meantime. If these won`t play the samples then it could be that your sample files are corrupted. If they can and you would rather not use the VST you can always save their outputs to a single sample slot in renoise and simply save the resulting wavs. You will need to have registered renoise to do this however.

I you arent registered and the aiff files arent corrupted, you may want to post about this in the bug forum and a fix or an answer will surely be given.

I also have this problem with old samples imported from my Amiga

why not use convert in addition? A freware tool to covert nearly all samples in the desired format. For the common ones you can also use audacity as a free sampleeditor.

The main problem I have is importing aiffs from encoded vinyl. I’m recording at a bit depth of 24 bit. Is this compatible with Renoise, or is it another problem?

Yup. It’s the bit rate that I’m using, which doesn’t seem compatible with Renoise. All my editing is done in Peak, and the greatest bit-depth is 32. Does an editing program like Audacity have a wider bit-rate than Peak?