Playing Chords

I am doing a CM magazine Renoise tutorial and in the tutorial I have to make a 3 note chord on track one.

Now when I play the 3 notes at the same time on the pc keyboard,the notes appear under each other instead of next to each other.

What am I doing wrong?


It seems I have to make the playhead run otherwise it goes into step input mode I guess.


To step edit chords, press the shift key.



That link is too confusing.

I like it easy to read not Einstein English like most manuals are written.

I’d rather someone on here explain it like they were talking to me.

Manuals try to make it even harder lol.

I’ve never read a manual because they give me a headache and talk in ott techno babble.

Brawndo’s got electrolytes.

at the bottom of the pattern editor there is an icon like this:
click it when you want to play chords.

an alternative method is to keep LSHIFT pressed while pressing keys

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I don’t see what is so confusing about that? It says in plain English that you need to hold down Left Shift while you enter the notes.

You should really try to spend more time with the manual. It’s not as daunting as you might think, and there’s a lot of useful information to be discovered in there. Even I still read it from time to time and discover new things that I didn’t know, and I’ve been using Renoise since 2003.

If you are writing a tutorial that involves using Renoise, then don’t you think you should at least be more familiar with some of the basic functionality first?

Edit: Cheers, Syphus :)

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I read his first post fast because I thought that Conner already solved his problem, then dblue’s reply make me understand what is really going on.

smasha, I’m pretty sure that Renoise team would be more than happy to provide a tutorial for the magazine, if you can give some information about what you exactly need (size of text, number of images, user level, and so on)


“If you want to quickly insert chords without live recording, you can do this by holding down “Left Shift” while entering the notes. This will automatically create columns to the right and enter the new notes there.”

Personally, I can’t think of a more simple way of telling this :)

Chaps, if he’s doing the “CM magazine tutorial”, that means he’s following Dave Newman’s Renoise tutorials which were published in the magazine up until a few months ago when the tracker tutorials switched to Psycle and SunVox. He’s not actually writing his own tutorial.

reading is hard eh… :ph34r: ^_^

Haha… oh! That makes a bit more sense then. It was just the phrasing and the word ‘doing’ that threw me off I suppose.

Still… no need to be afraid of the manual!

it does also depend on who is writing ;)

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Thinning of the cornea and I’m lost without my rigid contacts.

I just find it easier when humans explain things because manuals talk a different way unlike a human talking to you.

All manuals suffer that way.

Thanks to Connor for explaining it for me.

Wait a sec… who’s this “Smasha” fool? :P