Playing "live"?

Is it possible to play live in renoise, or what is the the best way to do so- mixing tracks, applying fx etc? :walkman:

but optimized for this

you can use midi send device $)

in our space-rock band i use renoise on notebook, i use the notebook’s keyboard (just like in old tracker times), playing on it as a synth. i look horrible, they say it’s like i played solitaire in the middle of a gig :D

anyway, it is quite useful, especially with the line-in device!

space rock? yummie! :D

Yo Belkin, are you a lisp programmer? What’s up with all the brackets?

what? because i dont understand what you mean

brackets = parenthesis = ‘)’

You always use ) in your sentences, was wondering if there was a special reason for this, curious :)

ohhh )
sorry ) => :)
$) => ;)

its my codes))) sorry ))

ok, ok, brackets are interesting and all, but im still curious as how is best to sequence my tracks and “mix” them into each outher live? :blink:

i think version 2.0 will be bettter for live with track freeezing.
but some body play live in version 1.8

yea, ive tried to sequence by rendering my tracks into seperate files,
and then arrange them in a new project-
this way, i could set it off, and apply fx and loop in real time.
However i found it to take alot of power, and was unstable.
Is there a better way?

i`m playing live using 1.8. yes it takes lotsa CPU powers, but my laptop is 3.2 ghz with 1 gb ram and 7200rpm drive. so its working ok. stable

OK, my laptop is high spec, so it can handle the cpu abuse, what is the best way you find, say you have an hour long set, how do you set it all up?

i think the optimal way is: the tracks You are not touching during the live play should be rendered and loaded with no DSP effect on them particulary.