Playing Long Wavs (using Audio Tracks) ?

Does anybody out there know how can I play vocal or guitar track (long WAV file) simultaneously with renoise song ? The first idea is using long samples with offset function in the beginning of every pattern, but it is not good solution. The other idea is syncing to another app (such as Cubase), but I couldn’t sync them together (Renoise as MASTER and Cubase as SLAVE don’t want to work !). Any suggestions ? Please help !

why don’t you slice the big WAV in some set of shorter WAV files?

this is the most common solution adopted by tracker composers since the first live-played guitar solos and vocals have been put into modules.

Why don’t I slice into smaller waves ? C’mon guys, it’s 2004 year !
What about cool edit - i have to try it, but I tried Cubase already it it seems not working with Renoise as master (i used MidiYoke as midi loopback device)

Make your music in Renoise then render it to wavs,mix them (with vocals) into cooledit or cubase or nuendo or logic or wavelab etc…
In Renoise samples play only when they pass through the central row, but I think you know this, so if you want to adjust something at the end of the vocal sample, you’ll have to play it from the beginning, that’s why It-Alien suggested to you to split it into more than one slice… There’s no way out for this… But this is part of the trackers conception, it’s not Renoise’s fault…

Yep, samples are triggered it the begining, so I see there’s only one way to trigger them constantly - using OFFSET track effect ~4 times per pattern

Yes, you could use the sample offset command, but I think it would be very boring… You always should have to do some attemps to find the right point where the vocal line has to start from, otherwise it will be out of sync with the rest of the song.


wavelab has such an automated-slice function.
although it works by seconds and not by bpm, you can still get good results with it.

i´ve got the same problem while mixing my didgerydoo into rns.
sample offset, slice, nothing will do it realy good when you change sample
playbackrate. it will take too much time to get your result.
a tape-track would be wonderfull

some guys used NI reaktor to fix hard renoise problems, like record
while playback …

any ideas ?

Is this “Tape-Track” something like the On-Track-Samplerecord?
I’m talking about the chance of pressing a special “record” somewhere and have Renoise PLAY the current pattern while recording on a certain track a long WAV that comes from your mic… or from any other external source (turntables? didgeridoo?)
If this is what you’re talking about… that’s already planned.
Even if it really sounds very usefull, almost essential, this feature is now regarded as one of the many future features… and it’s also known to be time consuming and tricky… so we should not expect to see it very soon…

recording while playing is not that urgent. I use cooledit while playing .rns.
the problem is .rns playback when using very very long samples.
It would be very useful if you could hear your samples at any startposition instantaneous - wherever its triggered. like from tape.
I read something about retrospective handling of automationcurves. sounds similar somehow

I have a turntable… and would like to record turntables sessions… I’m a singer too and I’m used to hang out with other singers… so I would like to record voice choirs… and lead voices… I like percussive improvvisation so this would be another point where I could use… etc etc…
I have done ALREADY these things… here I am talking about how painfully SLOW and time wasting the whole process is in Renoise.
Of course this is not true for people who simply don’t need this feature and compose only instrumental stuff… or totally electronica… In short: where there is no need of inserting such “live” elements.

But if you tried at least once to add live sampled stuff to your track then you understand what huge loss of time you have (compared to an eventual direct recording)and i’m not talking about a spoken and short “yeah!” or “Get down!” or “Get Funky!” or “Let’s Go!” etc… which you can record where you like best and in the way you like best and does almost need no timing…I’m talking about normal lead vocals of a song.

There are PLENTY of ways to do things… but if this is the criteria to decide what has to be in Renoise and what does not… then I suppose many features should simply disappear from Renoise… this would start an INVOLVING pattern for the developement of the program… rather than an EVOLVING one.

-Real Time Note Record while Playing ( C’mon… I can insert one note at time and it’s even more precise and I don’t need to quantize in the end)
-ALL DSP effects ( c’mon… you can use CoolEdit to add effects)
-Frequencies analyzer ( Cmon… there is plenty of small audiovisual tools that you can download and they allow pretty much the same results…)
-Render Song ( C’mon… you can buy ACID and mix your tracks there)

and so on… :)

On my side, this feature would allows GREAT freedom of expression.
But it’s evident that this is true according to your nature and to the way you are used to express yourself.

I saw this

if you go to another part in the song, all the samples are played, even if they played half.
This function in Renoise will solve this problem.

What would be nice would be the facility to define a Renoise track as a “long-play” track. This is a track intended to store one sample, which commences at a nominated pattern. There’s no commands, no interface, just a vertical waveform.

We not dealing with 10-60k samples anymore, so unfortunately the ‘sample offset’ methodology is now dated. It is good from a micro perspective where you’re trying to avoid the sometimes inappropiate ‘attack’ sound on a sample; a common oldskool technique, but to reference a point somewhere in a large sound sample, is just hit’n’miss and sometimes inaccurate.

What I suggest is the facility to define preset triggers points in the sample editor, and reference those points through the tracker interface. This would solve everything - great for adding musical variety to a percussion loop, good for getting that timing just right – and the best part is that sample length does not destroy your potential precision. It may even replace the need for a long-play track.

A potentially simple solution would be…

you set a first trigger for a sample. Then you select that note and select a track sync button. This would automatically 09XX your sample in the pattern for the correct ammount of time.

too bad the track sync button does not exist.

also because it is not humanly computed it would most likely sync long tracks fairly well.

I did vocals in N-track studio… neat program back then, but today it bugs more than it did back in '99.

But such harddisk recording device is the way to go.
Haven’t tried Audition yet, but you can live record multitracks in there.
Give it a try. Renoise is not the tool that can, or even should be able to handle this and in the near future i might see such a feature actually more as an intense cpu and resource waster that would not make Renoise perform better than it does today.
I’ve completely took distance of that wish when it comes up to Renoise.

Though you don’t have to rerecord your live mistake from the very beginning, just turn down the faulty track volume, rerecord the faulty piece from the little before it went wron, then mix the good recording across the faulty piece :D

rewire support will not be completed for v1.5. but when it is, that will be a very cool way to work on music. :eek:

you know energy xt, the vst plug that can among other things stream audio tracks in perfect sync with the host?
Not sure about recording in plugin-mode though, i guess the host does occupy the soundcard?