Playing Multiple Notes At Once?

hello, when i press 2 or more buttons on my keyboard to play a sample, it will only play the note of the last button pushed. however i want to play them all simultaneously. where do i regulate this? i couldn’t find such option in the preferences…

Just click the chord button on the bottom left in the pattern editor

Depending if you have set the NNA to Note-off/Continue and also have toggled the volume envelope and the chord option in the pattern editor control panel (rightclick pattern editor and click bottom option if not visible), a third thing that joins this issue is whether or not your keyboard is capable of handling two keys at the same time.
Some keyboards allow certain keycombinations to be pressed at the same time while they ignore other combinations.
Keyboards that handle all keys at the same time are full n-key rollover capable, but are rare and expensive these days.

thanks vV and vietkong, it was the chord mode button. how did i miss that all the time? ;)