Playing Several Instruments At The Same Time

Hi there,

I often use renoise as a sampler, because it’s got the best sampler out there (IMHO).

Now I want to be able to control several renoise instruments at the same time using different midi channels. For example, I want to use seq24 as an MPC-like sequencer with several patterns playing at the same time, each controlling a different instrument.
The same scenario would apply if I wanted to control different instruments by different MIDI controllers at the same time.

Is it somehow possible to do this in renoise (without starting a separate renoise instance for each instrument of course)?

If yes, how? If not: please consider it a feature request. ;)

(By the way: the MIDI connections wouldn’t be a problem. I am using the JACK Audio Server)

Matthias (MarvelousMarvin)

Not possible at the moment.
the masterkeyboards that you set in the preferences wil always control the selected sample.

I suggested this feature also a long time ago, would be great!.

I really hope improved MIDI support is a priority for Renoise 2.0. Stuff like transport controls support, notes to fx, etc…

Some things with MIDI improved since 1.9 (WDC model driver, fixed import, experimental MIDI export script (Bantai)).
Things could always be better, but not to bring you down (or make Dr. Drips feel like a jerk (no pun intended!)), have you inspected the Advanced MIDI tutorial on the In:Depth pages?
Look at the “Merging Midi data” section ;)…ng-for-renoise/

That Renoise doesn’t offer this out of the box doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.