Playing Tracks On Multiple Output Devices

Hello !

I’m beginning with Renoise - very nice program by the way, the last one I used was Fast Tracker II - and I have one question about a missing (or hard to find) feature :)

Is it possible to play one track on one output device (say built-in sound device) and another track on another output device (say an USB sound device for example).

It would be very very useful for me since I plan to play some songs live (with headphones to test track before playing it on speakers).

Thank you for your help !

I guess it would be possible, but only if you had a soundcard with several output channels.

I cant test this myself, but i see no reason why it should not work.
Usually all the tracks end up on the MST (master) track.

But it is possible as far as i can tell to not route the send tracks to the master track but instead select (as example) “Phones 1-2” on the send track instead of routing it to the master track that might output to for example “Mainout 1-2”.

Thanks for you answer …
You are speaking about a multi-channel soundcard, but I was asking this question for two different soundcards …

Do you think there is something to do in that case ?

Otherwise, it would be a really nice feature request !

Using different sound cards is bad idea anyway, unless they are clock synced. Because one (or both) of them will most likely start to crackle cause they don’t run exactly in sync.

Under linux you can use this configuration with binding both cards together into one card in .asoundrc file and later using this device in JACK. But as said, it is not as good idea as it sounds.

I recommend you to get a decent multiout card.


what suva said