Playlist + Video Reel From My First Live Set

This contains 50% of the material off my upcoming album. Enjoy!

Only had time to listen to the first few minutes, but I loved everything about what I heard. Great stuff!

EDIT: will listen to the whole thing later.

Really nice stuff, the music is great.


In what way? The Youtube title and the way it’s presented, which each track having a obviously separate video, seems a lot more like a showreel/art installation type affair.

On that note shame the videos don’t seem a little tighter tied into the music. Don’t have a dual monitor setup in the bedroom so only flicking to the videos occasionally (which were pretty wicked btw) and although seemed to fit quite well with theme and some sections shame the majority of the cuts/edits and changes of space are matched very closely in the music and vice versa. Only real way to get this 100% tight is to do the music first then edit the video around it (or at least have 100% tempo, measures and breakdowns etc fully planned first but probably easier to actually write the music.)

Still cool and worked pretty well though.

Any reason for this? Is it not to be shared?

It was a live set, but it was pre-planned… I deliberately chose video that would match up with the tracks as I’d planned to play them, but it wasn’t tight at all, because I didn’t expect a perfect sync, as they were playing this on a separate DVD player… and turns out there wasn’t a perfect sync, so I’m glad I did it this way. This video contains the original, unaltered tracks… I didn’t want to risk bogging my computer down by recording the live manipulations, and I don’t have another box I can use for that kind of thing atm. For the actual live set, I used Torq re-wired into Renoise, and applied various FSU effects, and added some extra sounds/loops on top. I had about 8 sends with various LFOd and automated effect chains on them that the tracks were going through.

I used the term “playlist” because it’s simply the songs playing in a raw form shrug

Also, video’s unlisted because the video clips I used are all stolen :P … that, and the album these tracks are going to be on has yet to be released ;)

Ffffff… so looking forward to this album.

Just need to get me some monitor speakers to mix 5 of the tracks properly that I can’t quite get sounding right with headphones

Great tracks. Not sure I would have stolen the Autechre video though :lol:

All the video was stolen… and it was for a small town audience. I needed to put it together within a very short timeframe, and I wanted video that was dynamic enough that it would work with most material… I’m sure I could have found something better with more time, but I didn’t have much time ;)

You suck! I hate It… I hate… I hate… that your better than me! ;) lol… Joking aside man these are MINT! I’m going to listen to this again and again it’s so good… And because im at work and its boring here lol… Cant wait for the release Byte =D Do it for the Winnipeg Canadians bud! ;)


Thank you kindly, good sir ;)

I really expected more commentary from the regulars, but I guess they’ve been AFK of late

Quite a voluminous amount of contrapuntal sounding melodies, moody, atmospheric melodies.

Looking forward to the release.

Wow… there’s a word I’ve never seen before… learn something new every day :P

first track-first impression, HOT. what more can you do with it?

woah. great stuff. this i like.
looking forward to hear more!


I’m about to dld the thing for youtube and make it a part of the stuff I play on the computer that loops demos and stuff in my room.
I’ll put it on after Tron: Legacy and before A Scanner Darkly.

I’m listening to the beginning rignt now, and I wanted to give some positive feedback.
It reminds me of the last scene in Darron Arnofsky’s “The Fountain”. The lead character is on something of a journey and he goes through this ordeal to finally learn that he needs to let life go and to let go of certain things we think we can’t live without.
Your original music has that tenor of searching and hoping to find answers. For much of the first part I feel like I’m the visitor or newcomer to a new
home that I am at because for some traumatic reason, I had to leave my family in some way.

I wish more people made stuff like this. I like having profound eye/ear candy looping on a dedicated computer.
I enjoy your stuff. Now you have a responsibility to give me all the music I want since I have been made to depend on the exposure to your music.
j/k :) just keep writing and i’ll keep listening. Let me know when you’re ready to work on our collaboration track. j/k again. Unless of course…

That’s not the Byte-smasher i used to know… i’ve got to admit i haven’t heard stuff from you in ages, but this is out of my taste.
I guess it is the chaos percussion elements combined with lofi chipsounds in it that spoil it for me.
Some parts are really very nice, but i did scrolled forward often because after 30 secs the snippet i listened to so far started getting annoying to keep listening to.
Sorry, but those are my honest two cents.

And the BYTE-Smasher you used to know was? … O.o

Frantic, chaotic percussion and lofi sounds have always been a mainstay of mine