Hello, ive been trying to learn some scripting and i want to try to make a playlist for xrns. When song nr 1 played last pattern then song nr 2 will autoload and play. i can make a window and handle buttons/sliders/text but i have problems to do the list for the songs. i want something smiliar to renoise disk browser. i don’t know what commands i should use to create the selector thing.

can anyone point me in the right direction?


i really like the idea of a “playlist” tool,but dont know how to put one together,so cant be of much help there

Have a look at Lua.Standard.API.lua.

os.filenames and os.dirnames can probably be useful. You’d get a table of strings that you could manipulate.

For GUI, you could inspire yourself from the IRC script. On the right side is a list of users that could be applicable to your GUI design.

That said, you will have to be creative in the way you design things. The list of users in the IRC aren’t individually selectable, for example. It’s just a textarea with formatting. Maybe look at the Batch Building Views (Matrix) example and work with buttons? Or bitmaps? There’s no straightforward way to emulate the disk browser.

Good luck! Share your experiments soon.


– Opens a modal dialog to query a filename and path to read from a file.
– The given extension(s) should be something like {“wav”, “aiff”
– or “*” (any file) }{file_extensions}, dialog_title)
-> [filename or empty string]

– Same as ‘prompt_for_filename_to_read’ but allows the user to select
– more than one file.{file_extensions}, dialog_title)
-> [list of filenames or empty list]

Thanks all, I will try to make something.


looking forward to see what you come up with

one thought,and i dont know if that would be possible,but a playlist that will still let you be able to tweak parameters in the tracks

I hope you or somebody can make this happen, this is exactly what I need!