Playng Midi Note With A Lower Base Velocity

How do I play notes so they aren’t inputting in real time at 128 velocity?

I want to input at half that.

A simple task yet I’m staring at the screen going into insanity mode.

Why are DAWs made for Albert Einstein?

Remember when musos could play instruments and then go to the pub?

Not blaming you but ALL DAWS are so OTT complicated and unintuitive that it makes creating music a real PITA.

ALL DAWS are bloody made for mathematicians and blokes like Albert Einstein.

Every time I use this or Reaper,I get so severely depressed,I give up.

I’ve been playing drums since 7 and I’m 45 this year yet when I use these programs ,I just cannot grasp them at all.

They are in the stone age.

So unintuitive and hard to use.

If you are using the computer keyboard, there is no native way to input the notes at a fixed velocity rate (yet, have no idea what the future brings it has been requested quite a few times).
With scripting it is possible to capture keyboard input and affect the way data should be written into the pattern editor.
Without scripting, the fastest way is going to the advaced edit on the right side and divide the volume of all notes in a track or selected area by 2 after you have recorded your input. That would at least save you a lot of manual editing.

How sucky. :angry:

Sorry I’m just a musician not a scientist or wizz kid with computers.

So you have to work out the theory of relativity just to change the input velocity?

FFS,we are still in the stone age except we all need to be born like rhode scholars to walk one step.

Use a midi-keyboard!


Musicians use Midi keyboards that support velocity levels:)