Playstation 3 Hacked

pretty interesting stuff. i can see game makers avoiding the console though.

Yeah, I watched a 45 minute video of the fail0verflow guys explaining the whole process. It was difficult to understand the speech at times, due to weird non-native English speakers and insanely heavy tech talk, haha, but they got their point across in the end.

The XBOX360 has been well and truly cracked wide open for ages now and piracy there is rampant, but you still see plenty of people making games for that system, so I don’t see how the PS3 will be any different in this regard.

yeah i watched the video. so much of it flew over my head but what an oversight with the lack of random number generation.

that’s a good point, the 360 is still doing great despite the dvd hack.

the ps3 hack could be so simplified that all it involves is installing signed and suitably modified firmware from a usb and then piracy ahoy. no console opening required just free software on usb drive.
although sony today said they’ll be able to patch this with a firmware update even though the hackers said totally new hardware would be required. who knows what they have up their sleeves though.

Myself… as a HUGE homebrew fanatic for the DS, I’m honestly happy that this typa thing happnes forsure… I dont mean getting games for free but the ability for things like NitroTracker to be possible for us… There are alot of apps and a huge culture sprung from this… I truly hope that something productive instead of destructive happen from this. Long live the hack!