Pleading With Ghosts…with_ghosts.mp3

Started with Hunz’s “Soon Soon” and ended up with this. No VSTi. I used a lot of the chip samples Hunz had as well as the Renoise chip tune instruments.


Dark, rich, brilliant!

I adore that ‘please’ vocals turning to bassline. Drums are outstanding.

I like it but… Is there something wrong with the file? It looks like a mono file but the proprieties says stereo… Or maybe it’s just me… :blink:

Crazy : the problem come from VLC (v.0.9.9)
It is ok with windows media player

I also notice a pinch of Martin Galway techniques… but that may perhaps be coincidence?
It sounds great btw, even on my simple HP laptop speakers…
I’m anxious what my surround set does with this…

great track!
edit: listening it for the forth time now - really submersive track for this night time.

Thanks! I’m a happy boy :)

I might have heard some Martin Galway tunes when I was a kid listening to a lot of MOD songs (like a lot of us), but there was no direct influence on this tune. Your ears might be picking up on the end run where I’ve taken the chorus synth melody and layered up into a four part harmony. Probably the first time I’ve seriously written something like that, but of course it had to be with a chip tune sample! It’s pretty simple, each part is a 3rd up the scale, each with a little bit of different filtering to give a higher voicing.

The bass is probably my fav part: it’s actually Hunz himself detuned an octave and heavily distorted and filtered. Beooooww–woh-haah— beeeeeoooowwwwooooooo-pssssshhh!

Ofcourse!..Who needs a bassplugin when we have Hunz

bump for great justice!!!

errr… also, i played this song a lot already… i’m rrrrealy loving the style, the sound, the mix, the feel, so basicaly i just love it!

are you on fire mark? ;]

Intense!!! Love how the track evolves from one atmosphere to another, very challanging listen, exciting journey :D

Something happened. I like this!

Thanks chaps! :D I’m definitely not on fire, not yet. You’d really know it if I were.

Really awesome!

Wouldn’t normally be my kind of thing, but you’re certainly tapping into something here that tickles my tastebuds. Namely, tastefully done chippy sounds and Devin Townsend-ish vocal melodies, while keeping a common theme going all the way throughout without becoming boring. Nice one. Just one point: even though I’m familiar with the song now, whenever I listen to it I still get the feeling that the end section at 4:23 is suddenly going to slam into something heavier, more dramatic and final.

Thanks xerxes and Achenar!

You know what, I probably could have had a big wall of sound heavy climax to the end, kinda like The Day The World Went Away with hunz and chips. But the though just didn’t cross my mind in the speed that this was created. Working on the laptop kinda didn’t lend itself to that studio mindset of layer down heaps of huge guitar tracks. That reminds me, I really do need to get a decent guitar amp, once and for all. Come to think of it, if I started to add guitar tracks it wouldn’t be a hunz vibe, so I guess that’s another reason why I didn’t go there.

I’d pump out tracks like this every week if I were a better singer. I need to practice more, less time in from of the computer being an audio dork, more time with instruments being a musician.