Please add this Forum to tapatalk

Hey renoise Team,

There is a Really Good Forum Reader Software for mobile devices Called “TAPATALK”.

You can add your Forum for Free, simply by adding a Plugin to your Forum

After that submit your Forum to the Network, all Users
Can watch your Forum within TAPATALK.


Sorry, but if it requires us to install a third-party plugin just to show up in their service, then I don’t think we’ll do this. It’s one more thing that we would have to maintain/update, which could potentially have bugs, or even security holes at some point, etc.

We already have a mobile-friendly (though rather ugly) theme that you can use.

We already have forum RSS feeds that you can subscribe to in your preferred reader.

We already have the ability to watch threads that you’re interested in, and then be notified by email when people reply.

Good, I get annoyed when I’m on the phone and I get a popup about running an app just to view a forum. =P

Amen to that. The Tapatalk popup is extremey intrusive and annoying, I guess those that have the app just don’t realize. It’s at the point where I avoid those forums on mobile completely. Where is the net added value when 20% of your customers get to use an app they bought while 80% get spammed on every visit with access blocking popups that are not even generating the forum any revenue? It’s a ripoff. Tapatalk is a leech.

I love the mobile version here. I wish all the forums on tapatalk would change to that. And all the others too.

LOL strange point of view.

Tapatalk is very kind to use. It makes forum usage very smooth and easy, it improves the user experience a lot. Maybe you should try for yourself first.
There are already some famous forums inside Tapatalk, for example .

I bet you would get more attention by adding the plugin. As far as I know the plugin is opensource, so you can review it.

It would be a big benefit from my point of view. Just test it out, it’s for iOS and Android.

I’d never even heard of Tapatalk until you mentioned it in your post today. If it’s so awesome, then it should simply let you monitor the Renoise forum without requiring us to install any third party crap on our side. You should just be able to add the Renoise forum to your feeds or subscriptions (or whatever) without requiring any additional action from us. Think about apps that enhance your Twitter or Facebook experience - they don’t require Twitter or Facebook to install some plugin on their side, they simply process the existing data that Twitter and Facebook provides. Why should we (or any forum) be any different? All the data and information you need is available and visible. If Tapatalk can’t use that data without its plugin being installed on our server, then it’s not our fault, it’s Tapatalk’s fault.

This post is from 2010, by now the Android App may be complete. You will have to search.

I’ve tried it out before, and I find that I just prefer to use my phones browser.

I’ve not tried tapatalk, but iirc it costs the forum user $, and I have already bought quite a few apps I never use. I really try not to buy apps… I think I’ve bought at least 20 that I really never, ever use.

Furthermore, “I get damned annoyed @ gearslutz, and asking if I want to install tapatalk.” I find that, “completely annoying.”

Hm ok I see you are right. My fault. Keep up the good work.

same here. and I actually really like the mobile version of this forum

same here. and I actually really like the mobile version of this forum