Please add VST3 support

After using Renoise for 15+ years now, and VST3 support being needed for years now with zero response or understanding from Renoise devs, I’m done. With the release of Reason 11, and the incredible adoption not only of VST2.4 previously, but now VST3, I have zero reason to sit around waiting for Renoise devs. It just doesn’t make sense sitting around waiting for Renoise’s incredibly slow, if ever, responses to the community for this and other requests that have been highly desired for a great deal of time. What makes sense is a company that is showing it is dedicated to listening to it’s customers, and in moving forward to support them.

You dont have to sit and wait. You can live your life. You can make musik with any other daw. And come back when renoise 3.3 is out :wink:
Do not expect the same from a single man as from a large company. He also has a life and other jobs

And reason 11 itself still dont Support vst3

I think you mean Renoise 11.3, at the current rate, in about 30 years.

Also, you’re 100% wrong. Reason 11 does support VST3. I own it. I’m using it. I’m using my VST3s with it. I wouldn’t have said it if I hadn’t. A simple one entry search will tell you exactly the same.

I’d love to have a tracker that supports VST3, and based on the number of comment responses to this thread alone, so would many other users, let alone the plethora of forum posts preceding. Users. Customers. Musicians. It is well past time, but as stated, it has been well past time for several feature requests.

Half the problem isn’t just the lack of active development, it’s the sheer lack of response from the developers, who, as made clear by the developers themselves, have turned to other activities and don’t give Renoise, nor its customers, the attention deserved.

Reaper clearly demonstrates the cost model alone is not the problem.

As stated on multiple other occasions, if the developers at least had the decency to open source a product they no longer want or care to fully engage with themselves, the problem could still be solved by an active community. That hasn’t happened.

There just isn’t a reason to come back to a product that doesn’t receive the attention its customer base deserves. 15+ years I’ve held out hope, and yes, used other DAWs in the interim. It’s clear that unless something changes, any time at all spent waiting or continuing to use the product is just … wasted.

Good luck. Glad for the people getting out of Renoise what they want and need. I’m just not one of those people anymore, and the longer it continues to take Renoise to fulfill the total user base needs, the less people there will be around to give them a reason too.


I have Reason 11 too. The Suite Version. I wait for next Renoise Update to use Complex-1 in Renoise as a Reason Rack.
Reason Rack is a VSTi3 but the Reason 11 standalone dont Support other VST3 Instruments, thats fact.
And it cant send midi out to use the Players inside another daws Instruments

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taktik actually did reply to that, VST3 is tentatively planned AFAIK, but you won’t get to that info by spamming the same post 3 times, you get to that by reading.

And you speak like you know anything about the costs in man hours or the Renoise sales, but it’s a very a low priced niche tool, in a niche market. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was a net investment, rather than a financial gain. Talking about “companies showing they are dedicated to listening to customers” is totally off-base marketing speak. Renoise devs actually do respond, they just don’t make a song and dance about it.


I’m actively using dozens of VST3s in Reason 11 right now. VST3 in Reason 11 is a reality. No idea about the specific issues you’re hitting, but VST3 absolutely works. I’m literally using it.

Using Reason with any other DAW for midi is generally just using Rewire - that’s what it’s for. There are Midi tools in Reason for interacting with external hardware, that work fine if you have midi networks for local functionality as well. VST support means many other tools to accomplish the same thing as well. Tools like midiox or copperwire, both free, can get you anything you want, if you even need them at all. None of which is VST3 related, but tack on as many problems as you want, there is a solution … any of which can be easily googled and solved.

Maybe it’s the page not loading the entire thread at once, or maybe taktik doesn’t explicitly use “VST3” in his reply, but I actually did search this thread for responses - both through the browser and through the Renoise search functionality.

There are responses on the Trackers group in Facebook as well, and it sounds like it’s a beastly overhaul to even come close to making this happen, based on the way the code is written.

You might be talking about more recent activity, but tell me exactly how long it’s been between updates? Yeah, I don’t know of any other DAW or most tools of any scale less responsive to their community. Regardless, as I clearly stated, there are solutions to this problem that could greatly benefit the community that Renoise development has chosen not to pursue, leaving, again, not only VST3 support, but a great many other feature requests long unresolved.

I’m a developer. I’ve worked across the industry, from Microsoft, to companies with 3 developers. I know what it means to code, I know what it means to be responsive to customers. I know exaxtly what it means, and I know when it’s not being done. And as stated, the developers themselves stated clearly they have other responsibilities that put Renoise on the back-burner.

But you don’t get to those posts while you’re busy trying to shoot down long-standing users over real issues that maybe you just don’t care about as much as others.

Can’t you just write your own tracker program that is built to your own specification?


I’m actively using dozens of VST3s in Reason 11 right now. VST3 in Reason 11 is a reality. No idea about the specific issues you’re hitting, but VST3 absolutely works. I’m literally using it.

@EnergyCrush You miss something, Reason 11 currently doesn’t support VST3:

The Rack plugin is a VST3 plugin. And you can use VST3’s in Renoise, when you use a wrapper:

I’ve used this wrapper with Renoise 3.2 on my windows 10 maschine. Works fine with some smaller quirks. Its a workaround, till Renoise support it natively.

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No vst 3 in reason my friend,I smell bullshit.

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I use it myself and can assure that vst3 is not supported by reason 11 itself.
You are confusing something


If I made it my job to write a tracker program and then support my customers using it, absolutely.

But better yet, as I mentioned, would be to open source Renoise so any active developer could add onto the existing platform, as well as any other additions that have been wanted. People keep mentioning Renoise Dev doesn’t make enough money to support it properly, and the devs have indicated themselves they’ve moved in to other projects primarily. Seems pretty reasonable.

See and



Why not make it a hobby? You’ll be your own boss. You can decide what goes in into your program and how much time you want to spend coding on it. You can decide how much time you want to spend on maybe a forum you’ve set up (or github) reply (or ignore) your customers asking/demanding for updates/features that you can accept/reject.

taktik, I greatly appreciate all your time and effort and everything that you’ve done to help and respond to questions. You’ve been awesome on the forums, and immensely dedicated to Renoise and users needs.

There’s been one single choice for VST-based trackers for years now for writing music, and hundreds of songs marking my history with Renoise.

But as functional synths and effects have grown, as Steinberg has long-past deprecated the VST2 standard, and as I’ve had time to test several dozen plug-ins that have both VST2 and VST3 versions across full versions of most majors DAWS while additionally running into VST performance limitations in Renoise while producing music, it’s become incredibly painful.

VSTs in a tracker, I feel, has been the specific power and legacy of Renoise, in part because there are plenty of other trackers that do much of the other pieces (though admittedly I’ve never felt most of them have done it nearly so cleanly).

While I’ve started to feel the pull of contention in responses to my posts, the root and only point I was making, and wanted to, is that after 15+ years, I just … I’m burnt waiting. I really don’t expect anything to change, and really, I’m not angry at Renoise or the devs at all … I only wish open-sourcing it or elevating that core element could have happened. I can understand why it didn’t, I’m not beyond logic about this, I’m just … done.

Thanks taktik, for everything.

Lol …

It’s an honest possibility. The last year has seen a transition to a job where I develop remotely full-time, which has allowed me to marry my wife in Mexico and live in both places simultaneously, two weeks at a time in each, in Mexico with her, then back here with my two children.

It means refamilirizing myself with C++ most like, as I’m sure the performance is needed. I don’t mind asynchronous multi-threaded programming, or learning new APIs. Possibly the loss of actually writing music to develop a program allowing VST3 tracker-based music would be worth the time and effort given where I’m at.

All things in time. All things in time.

All the best, EnergyCrush, with Reason and everything. Hope you will someday find (og make) a tracker with VST3 support.

Here’s the fact. Reason 11 doesn’t support VST3.
Screenshot from the Reason 11 operation manual:

You can read it at page 370.

You’re absolutely right, and I am absolutely wrong on that front - I was certain I had specified my VST3 path. I keep all of my VST2 dlls in a custom folder, and everything very organized. After seeing a couple responses to this, I dug more online, and went back and validated those settings, and yes, it turns out I was flat out wrong about VST3 support already being there in Reason. Some of the plug-ins I installed I thought I had installed only as VST3, but either I missed a setting, or they installed the VST2 versions under the covers and I didn’t know they were there. Regardless, you’re absolutely right, VST3 is not there in Reason yet.

Guess it’s a race at this point. Working primarily in Windows, but like cross-compatibility. Ableton no VST3. BitWig still has weird random issues. Samplitude and other Magix DAWs (Music Maker, Sequoia, etc.) have problems with many VST3s that other DAWs don’t (like Dmitry Sches Thorn), even when just reloading them or resetting patches. I’m not certain that applies to the new ACID and subsequent VST3 implementation yet, haven’t had time to load and validate everything since they added, but they’re owned by Magix now too. MuLab, Mixcraft, Tracktion, Stagecraft, Multitrack Studio, Digital Performer, NTrack, Audition, Audio Mulch, Cantibile, and many others either also have problems with VST3 or don’t support it. Maschine still isn’t full featured and also no VST3 support. Pro Tools … yeah.

There are several DAWs that do work well with VST3 … but first, aren’t trackers, and second, have other limitations that make portability or usability painful. Steinberg Sequel doesn’t support 64-bit, Cubase still requires a dongle. Reaper is well-loved by many, but is complicated to setup for efficient workflows, and it shows all plugins at once, of all types and bitness, making it a bit of a navigational nightmare. FL Studio has made an incredible number of advancements, but I haven’t been able to get into the workflow … beings it supports video, though, it has serious potential when I’m making music for movies or video. Studio One has also been incredibly functional, but again the workflow feels … weird, like when adding different effects processors.

Reason has been the only other DAW that has felt relatively clean and in-tune compared to the otherwise very different workflow of Renoise. I’m kicking myself now for mistaking the VST3 implementation, but pound for pound am finding it a reasonably performant alternative, and they’re certainly actively moving the code base and functionality along on a consistent basis.

Maybe I want too much? I don’t know. Maybe the new i9 mobile laptop will provide the performance I need to keep rolling wherever, especially traveling back and forth to Mexico to spend time with either my wife or children between everything else.

Either way … yeah, it’s been a lot of searching, testing, waiting, bashing along, trying to get to a solid portable completely electronic VST instrument and effect based system. I thought the track freeze add-on for Renoise would help that some, but it’s wonky and unreliable for as frequently as I need to unfreeze and mod tracks.

Someday man … someday. Someday.

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Yes, a lot DAWs have problems with VST3. Even inside Cubase. Funny enough, because Steinberg is the inventor of the VST format.:joy:

VST3 also lacks a lot functions which are possible/available in VST2. Like e.g. MIDI input/triggering for effect VSTs. It’s frustrating (for me as a VST developer) while working on a new VST plugin, but you can’t realize the feature you ever wanted to implement because of limitations of the VST3 format. VST3 also still is very buggy. This can be a problem for new VST companies who were founded after October 2018. Because of the new licence agreement for VST developers. After October 2018 founded companies are forced by these agreements to develop only VST3 , because VST2 licences were dropped by steinberg since Oct 2018 for new developers who missed to sign the licence agreement before that date. So new companies are forced to develop buggy shitty VST3 plugins…

…and i think this is also the case, why the Reason VST rack is just available in VST3 because the (ex) Propellerheads missed to sign this agreement. The Europa VST is VST2, but it was released before Oct 2018…

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