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Too true @T-ger my mental health is awful. I keep getting the urge to sell all my things. It’s an expensive problem to have when I need to buy things back.

Go see a therapist if you haven’t already.Mental health gets worse if you dont treat it believe me i know

don’t be so hard on yourself

If you see your errors,you are not awful


Easier said than done on the NHS ive had several courses of therapy, some private, understanding myself isnt quite eblnough to make the right changes to myself which is frustrating. I’m still being diagnosed, chasing doctors and changing meds etc which means therapy hasnt always been properly targeted. Been a long journey that shows no sign of improving yet. Thanks though.

Thank you. I am my own worst enemy.

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Don’t try to be a perfect person…It’s impossible

But you can be the best of yourself
and so,find your place in the “collective human subconscious system”

You will have to schedule your every day,sleep at least 7 hours straight at night and get an outdoor hobby,get a bike or something so you are not in the same place all the time.The walls in the house become a nightmare if you dont go out frequently.When your mind starts to “run” you must learn how to get your thoughts elsewhere ,this is only up to you no doctors can help you or medicine.What i do is when i start to think bad stuff i immediately get going to do something to keep my mind away,example, like go for a walk or bike ride do some cleaning in the house or garden stuff like that


Moby go to bed very early…He said that in a french show

There is “Loop-points” in a 24 hour cycle where your spirit will recharge better between them

Yes, I almost wanted to ask “Again?”. I’m just writing this because I’ve bought your Phoscyon last time you were selling everything, now I’ve seen that you were about to sell Phoscyon again, this time v2. I can’t help you, but I know that you know that you actually don’t want to sell Renoise and your few VSTs. If I were you I would make some rules, write it down and if you’re in a bad mood again check those rules before you act. Rule number 1 should be “Never ever sell Renoise”.

Do some sports. Lift weights, run, play ball or whatever, but do something. It’s proven that sports helps with mental health issues like depression or similar. It’s even better than music. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Self destructive behaviour comes in many forms I have found. I have been exercising and losing weight this last three months. I do admit I don’t go out much, chronic pain from health problems that I can’t treat properly because of other health problems. Tired of the constant battle.

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Sorry it’s rough these days… For whatever it’s worth, if you can find a therapist doing psychedelics therapy, sometimes that can be a real game changer for mental health. There are contraindications, of course, but if you’re a good candidate, there’s nothing like the intense spiritual ordeal of a psychedelic journey to reorient one towards a meaningful life. Wishing you well, friend. Keep taking care of yourself as best you can. We’re all struggling against time, entropy, and our own limits and failings… it’s the struggle that gives us strength. Echoing the advice of others here, exercise, creative work, sleep, time outside (super important), connection with other human beings (also super important), deep breathing, good nutrition all make huge impacts. Cold water exposure is also super helpful for mental well-being. It’s a bitch at first, but once you’re used to it, you crave it and life feels like it’s missing something without cold plunges/cold showers

Brain is connected to intestine

intestine problems can create various other problems

Man you wont believe how similar our lives is.I am in the same spot like you the last 20 years
and i am just 43 but i wont give up, neither should you.The thing is that we self destructive people tend to make our problems bigger than they really are, its a mindset thing, thats what your main focus should be.First take control of yourself because its the most important thing.A clear mind a healthy way of thinking is the key

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The clearer the mind, the unhealthier the way of thinking.
But anyway, in case you need some good laughs, try this:


man, that dinosaur prank never gets old :rofl:

I disagree.A clear mind has the ability to focus on what really matters from my experience.