Please Help! Fostex to Mac using CM6206 Adat / Spdif

I’m really hoping someone just has the answer for this. I feel like I keep trying new things and then nothing gets solved.

I have a Fostex VF-160EX… real simple task of trying to get the tracks on to my Mac without burning the files to disc… slash get the tracks from renoise perhaps onto the fostex for later recording, but not as crucial as just getting the wav files onto the mac.

Tried going through Midi but found out and learned on here that that doesn’t work.

Now I have the CM6206 which is basically a way to plug in adat spdif and connect via USB. (Photo attached). It came with a mini disc which I believe is the driver but didn’t have a label, but the USB CD external port doesn’t take mini-discs.

I plugged everything in and when I try to “Save PGM” on the fostex using both spdif and adat as two separate times (though the same cable?) it just takes a real long to save and nothing happens on the mac.

I went in to system preferences on the mac to try and configure the audio there, but it just reads it as “external SPDIF interface” and I have it selected as the “input”… however, it says that there is no signal, but that could be perhaps I’m not playing anything. Additionally, I tried configuring it under Audio MIDI set up on the mac and failed.

I then opened up to Renoise and tried to play with the preferences and audio and had no luck.

I also tried Logic which gave me some hope because under preferences there it read again as “USB Sound Device” but then nothing happened when I tried “Save PGM” again. I tried perhaps hitting record in Logic thinking it would read the signal live and go straight in but that didn’t work which didn’t surprise me.

I downloaded this software from this site: and that hasn’t made any progress… note that the website seems to be focused on playing surround sound from a signal coming out of the mac, as opposed to what I’m trying to do which is get wav files (or even sounds at this point) going into the mac.

I’ve stopped trying and am desperately hoping someone can help! I’ve been trying to tackle this problem for months now by trying different tactics… to me it’s getting to the point that I should just use the CD-burner! I don’t want to if I don’t have to though especially now that I have this.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I believe the easiest way is to burn to cd and transfer to the mac that way. Or else i guess you would have to get yourself a 16 track i/o audio interface.