Please Help! How to launch in ReWire disabled mode?

Hi, how can I launch Renoise in “ReWire Disabled” mode, so that it doesn’t think it’s a ReWire Slave OR a Master…

What’s the other program you would like to use @ the same time? Have you tried launching Renoise first?

If I launch, for example, “Reaper.” from my taskbar, and then I click on Renoise… The two programs seem to launch separately…

Logic Pro 9. I have only lately started loading it up while always first starting with Renoise. So yes, I’ve tried launching Renoise before the other app. Thing is, I’ve got it set up so that I first start with Renoise, then render all new samples into a folder where Logic automatically loads them from. Hence why I also need to make sure that I retain Renoise’s audio inputs, am not forced to the same tempo for both softwares via ReWire, and evade the whole ReWire issue altogether.
Sofar I’m not sure how to solve this issue, Icannot find any full listing of commandline things for Renoise, and neither for Logic, so here I am trying to ask how to get Renoise to already protect me from this ReWire issue, without having to uninstall ReWire.

You will never be able to do so with any ReWire capable host if your audiocard does not support this.
Only one host gets access to the audiocard drivers and that is usually the master.

If you want to sync up, use a Virtual midi cable instead between both hosts and run one of both hosts in DirectSound mode. You will have to raise the delay mode for the ASIO host to compensate the DirectSound latencies.

On OS X, Logic can record audio-input and so can Renoise, as long as they’re not ReWired together.

I’m not interested in syncing up, or transferring live audio from Renoise to Logic or vice versa, I just need to be able to launch Logic without Renoise telling it that Renoise is ReWire Master – i.e., I need to be able to launch Renoise without ReWire.

The only audio transfer that occurs between Renoise and Logic is a script that saves all Renoise instrument sample[1]'s to a specific folder, and opens that specific folder in the Finder, so I can drag them to Logic’s Media Browser’s Audio Bin.

I don’t know if Logic offers to drop ReWire during startup, but i do know Renoise asks you if you want to start it as reWire slave, if it detects a ReWire master. If you dismiss the offer, Renoise starts up normally. That is what you have.
If you use a ReWire device to start up another host, well ReWire slave mode will be set in the other host. If you don’t want Rewire mode, don’t use a ReWire device to load the host.
If the other host always considers Renoise to be a ReWire master even when not initialised through a ReWire device, that is a problem of the other host, not Renoise.

So far it seems that Logic doesn’t allow for “NoReWireExists” and Renoise doesn’t allow for “NoReWireExists”. So therefore I’m stuck with starting Renoise first, then starting Logic, and facing the error for no apparent reason.


I’m not sure, but i thought a ReWire slave should always be initialised from within the master host. There are some hosts that don’t do this well, hence Renoise still offers to run in slave mode if another ReWire master is active, but doesn’t force you into running as a slave.
I’m a bit surprised Logic doesn’t offer similar behavior.

I’ve never “started” an app from within another app via saying “hey, hello, i want to rewire my master host to app x”… i know people keep saying they do that, and that’s probably how it works for them, but never for me :)

for me, first application gets to be master host, then second asks if i want it to be, and in case of logic, it doesn’t want to be rewire slave.