Please Help. I Need To Record Midi In Real Time!

I hate to bring this up because it’s probably one of those things that gets asked every single bloody day by new guys…but what is up with the recording midi data live?
It seems that it never records on the beat i played on. and i’m playing as carefully and deliberately with the metronome as possible.
I know I’m not much of a keyboardist, but I’ve never had this problem before with any other software.
With piano roll style sequencers like xt2 and cubase i can usually get a decent real time midi recording.
But the whole reason i switched to reason was to have stable automation on vst’s.

I hope there’s a way to get this going correctly. I registered for this seemingly very cool program thinking I could do certain things in it that would be extremely difficult in other sequencers. And yet here I am completely stumped by the simplest of features.

I’ve adjusted the speed and bpm several times and don’t know what else could be wrong. I set the mode to follow in the transport area. What else is there? I really just want to jam a little before I have to make minor timing changes. However, this seems to be a very difficult thing to do.

I’d appreciate any help on this. Again I’m sorry for raising this stupid bloody topic, but I’m completely stuck.

By the way my system is a AMD Turion 64 x 2 laptop with a Presonus Firebox and an external 7200 rpm hard drive for storing samples. Use a basic Yamaha keyboard as a MIDI Controller.

Cheers guys.