Please help ID tracker software (.AST samples)

Please help determine what kind of tracker at this video to 4:13 minutes

It uses a .AST samples format and runs on windows


All Sound Tracker — Quite a nifty tracker that took advantage of some special features on the Sound Blaster AWE32/64 sound cards.

Quoted from:

There was also a split off from the sample based trackers taking advantage of the OPL2/OPL3 chips of the Sound Blaster series. Adlib Tracker II and many others survive to this day. All Sound Tracker was able to combine both the FM synthesis of the OPL chips and the sample based synthesis of the EMU-8000 chips in the Sound Blaster AWE series of cards as well as MIDI output to any additional hardware of choice.

Not sure where the official download is these days, but it can be found on various scene/mod FTPs like this one:

Thanx man!

Didn’t watch the whole thing, but watched from 4:13 for the next minute or so. I really like what he’s saying about picking anything even if it has limitations, and just learn it and use it. There’s a lot of truth to that.

I think I need to re-apply that philosophy to myself soon. I haven’t written hardly any songs in a long time.

Also I knew a guy who is a pretty well known musician these days, and he used Impulse Tracker for a LONG time, even after much more advanced stuff was available. He continued to make tons and tons of great music. And I asked him “Why do you still use IT even when more modern stuff like Renoise is available?”. And he said “I like the limitations of it”.

Wise words.

All Sound Tracker (AST) is the software used by Dabrye on the album “One/Three” and “Two/Three”. Dabrye has switched to Renoise recently. In my opinion “Two/Three” was some of his best work.

Dabrye and Venetian Snares’ music inspired me to get into trackers.