Please Help Lost My Song :(

Hey everyone just wondering if anyone can help i made a song and was editing stuff and did quite a lot of editing and when i pressed ctrl-z to undo an envelope i created renoise crashed i didnt even save my work ! know i should have saved often but being the idiot i am i wasnt expecting it to crash like this is there anyway of recovering it? i opened up renoise again and it said do you want to open up your crashed file i clicked yes but nothing happened! would appreciate it if anyone could help i am not shutting down my computer until i can solve this crisis :(

The crashbackups are saved at:

Windows XP: x:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Renoise%renoiseversion%
Windows Vista: x:\Users%username%\Application Data\Roaming\Renoise%renoiseversion%
MacOS: ~/Library/Logs/Renoise.log & ~/Library/Preferences/Renoise/%renoiseversion%
Linux: ~/.renoise/%renoiseversion%/

If loading of them fails, you can send the file over to me an I’ll see what I can do to repair it. Please include also the Renoise.log file so that we get more info about the crash.

cheers mate thanks for the help its cool now i re-edited the song and it sounds better than it did before maybe the crash was ment to be but this will surely help in the future thank you so much :D

OK, but could you please nevertheless send me your Renoise.log file?

i’ve searched in the directory were the log should be located
Windows XP: x:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Renoise%renoiseversion%
but i cant seem to locate it i’ve also have done a scan of my c drive, i dont know where it can be and i haven’t turned my pc off or cleared any tempary files really sorry

The “Application Data” is hidden by default in Windows XP.
Either set up the explorer to also show hidden files, or click on Start->Run, then enter:
explorer %APPDATA%

This will open the x:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\ folder…