Please Help Me Choose A Mixer!


I need help choosing a mixer.

As my studio is pretty small and simple today, I won’t need a monster-mixer. I need at least 3 stereo inputs ( 6 mono) and at least one microphone preamp. And I want like zero disturbance!

The budget is maximum 200 ¤

Any ideas? Tell me what you use, and what you think!

Thanks! :blink:

Don’t buy Behringer if want a decent preamp. Otherwise for normal line-routing and simple EQ Behringer cut it quite adequately.

With pre-amp quality you pay for what you get. So it depends on what sort of level of ‘compromise’ you’re willing to accept.

Actually, the Mic-preamp-quality isn’t really important. But for the lines I want as good quality as posible.

It seems that behringer is the last way out. hehe.

I can’t tell you from experience, but I just recently went through the same thing and am waiting on a mixer in the mail. I went with a Yamaha MG series mixer (MG102c). The MG series is supposed to be some budget mixers Yamaha has been making in Chinese factories, but I have heard that are pretty decent for the price. I mainly got one because it was 1. Cheap and 2. Not Behringer. Also, it’s worth looking into getting a used Mackie 1202 on eBay or the like. I hear that’s also a really good mixer for someone on a budget.

I had a Behringer Eurorack, it was a pile of noise, I don’t recommend it, but it did the job and I didn’t particularily hate it. If you have a chance, check out the Soundcraft Compact series. I recently bought the Compact 4 and I absolutely love it. A big improvement over my previous Behringer. Reviews of this mixer, scattered throughout the interweb are very positive.

Soundcraft Compact 4 Reviews:…=630925/rpp=10/

I think I’m gonna check out the yamaha and the soundcraft. :) Thanks for the replies!

I have herd of tapco, but I thougt they made monitors only. Wasn’t sure of the quality. But I’m gonna look at their mixers!.. Thanks!

I bought a Mackie 1202-VLZ (micro series) today. And a new pair of monitors, Yamaha HS 80M.

Good choice, Mackie makes very good mixers. I have a Mackie 1402 vlz myself, I bought it 5-6 years ago or so and have been very satisfied with it since then.

Nice to hear! I really made a good deal. It was almost new and i paid about 80 ¤, and I got 6 months guarantee. :w00t:

Wow, yes, 80¤ for a mackie mixer sounds like a really good deal! I payed about 400¤ for mine ;)

yamaha or mackie,
nice lil on-the-road, ‘cheap’, mixers both have on their catalogue.
i would go for yamaha. cos i guess,
with mackie you have to pay lil bit more for the name, brand…,air
…also yamaha soundfork logo is neat.

double quick edit ;D
and aLSO yamha manufacturrerers
outboard motors for tur-ska ships

and hOW frikin kool is dat!!! :panic:


Mackie is an excellent choice, it s what i wanted to tell you!

Tapco is a sub brand of mackie (it has the same components inside)