Please help me with Renoise out to Reaper in and ReWire

Hello all! Long time Renoise user but first time poster!

I downloaded to demo of Reaper today hoping to use it as a multitrack linear recorder to capture the output of renoise. I’ve installed rewire and I can load a rewire input into the master channel of a renoise project, select the device as Reaper, thats opens reaper fine and hitting space bar starts both renoise and reaper. However I can’t see any audio coming into reaper? I insert a track, enable record but nothing? In the routing box on the reaper track I can see all the inputs on my Focusrite interface but no rewire input from genoise. If I click on the fx box I can see all of my vst’s but no reference to rewire? In the reaper pref’s I’ve got all boxes checked in the rewire section?

Maybe I’m missing something obvious…Most likely! But just to clarify is it possible to send multiple renoise tracks to reaper? And am I doing the correct thing by inserting a rewire input (Surely this should be a rewire ‘send’ or ‘output’??) as a vst in the mix window on a per track basis?

Cheers in advance!

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I"m on Linux, so I really can’t help. Did you see this?

Hi there, it’s been a while since I used rewire but I used to slave Reason with Logic as master and as I recall you need to open the Master application first, which in this case should be Reaper as you are looking to record into Reaper from Renoise - so Renoise will be the slave.

So, open Reaper first, then open Renoise (as rewire slave) and you should hopefully be able to select inputs from Renoise inside Reaper:

Sounds like you opened Renosie as the Rewire Host. Open Reaper 1st.

Add Renoise to the Reaper song on any track’s fx. A menu will appear that lets you route Renoise outputs to Reaper channels. (Make sure the track you add Renoise to has enough channels.)

You can then use the routing matrix (alt-r) to send each stereo pair of channels to a track of their own, for multitrack recording/mixing.

Tip: save a project template so you only have to do it once.


And am I doing the correct thing by inserting a rewire input (Surely this should be a rewire ‘send’ or ‘output’??) as a vst in the mix window on a per track basis?

No. use the output routing bit at the bottom of the Renoise tracks.
I made you a cheatsheet:

Has anyone here ever had any success using sunvox as slave to renoise or renoise as slave to sunvox? Can I do this with rewire too?

It would be awesome to get those two trackers running synchronized.
The best of synth tracker and the best of sample + vsti tracker all in one

Sunvox doesn’t support Rewire so you’d have to use some other method to sync.


Reading this topic now. A bit late, but I had created a template for Reaper to run Renoise properly in it. It can be found here: