Please, HELP! (Problem with Scarlett 2i4, Focusrite, OSX)


I have some problems with the sound to the speakers.

First of all, I made a small studio in my storage room. And know I connect all the cables to my iMac and synth etc. First I discovered that my USB keyboard and USB mouse didn’t work and a wireless headphone. But they didn’t work on other devices either. I don’t know why.

Today, I was going to connect the monitors I have. KRK Rokit 8. The sound from my synth works well, but then I started Renoise. Then I can’t get the sound out to the monitors. The sound from Renoise is just in the internal speaker to my iMac. I have set it to the correct sound device in the sound properties. And in Renoise, in Preferences, in MIDI, In Device A, I set it to my external sound device which is Focusrite Scarlett 8i6.

One thing I did first, was to update my mac to the newest system. Then the other USB mouse stopped working also.

Please help me! It’s so frustrating!

I got the sound to work in the monitors, but I can’t adjust the volume on my external sound device Scarlett 8i6. It’s just max volume all the time. I can adjust the HF LEVEL ADJUST on the monitors to -30 db so it’s not that loud. But that’s it.

So maybe this is not a Renoise problem then.

  1. This topic title is pretty horrible.

  2. So basically you can’t change Scarlett’s output volume? That’s strange. Can you give more details on how monitors are connected to Scarlett?


Well, I´m sorry for the horrible title!

BTW. I got it to work! :slight_smile: On Scarlett, I have Input 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I connected the cables from the Monitors to 3 and 4. I think maybe

the volume only work on Input 1 and 2. I changed it to 1 and 2. Then it worked. :slight_smile:

I will write better topic titles in the future. :slight_smile: