PLease help: sample cuts in drumkit

Hello there.

I’m having a puzzling issue with a drumkit: certain samples are cut, or sometimes don’t trigger at all.

This happens every time I trigger the sample, but it happens always on the same lines.

It sounds like a lack of polyphony, because it happens when I play other samples from the same instrument in an adjacent column (and it doesn’t happen when I mute that adjacent column).

But I don’t see how it could be that, because:

  • the cut can occur even on lines where no other note is starting

  • the intrument is not in mono mode: top right, next to the glide field, the mono button is off

  • i don’t use any mute group

Splitting my drum hits across different instruments (without changing anything else) solves the problem.

But it’s not a very elegant solution, nor a practical one.

Any idea ?