Please Listen To A New Serious Song

Please comment this… Btw. The saw-synth should be replaced with some vocals, soon

It is difficult for me to comment because this genre of music is something I am not very much into anymore. That being said I have a few problems with it, most notably the lack of variation, especially with the drums… though I could guess that is a genre thing maybe??

Also the samples/instruments/vsts sound too cheap to me to be a commercial product. For example there is a chorus sounding instrument (comes in at 1:50) that sounds like something I’d expect to hear 10 years ago. The Cymbol crashes also bother me for the same reason. I kind of had that feeling for pretty much everything.

Maybe somebody who likes this music more would be more positive than me, or maybe putting in those vocals would put it over the top? Right now, it is a fine tracker song, but for the reasons I’ve listed above I would be reticent to show it to a label.

If you think I am wrong then don’t let that stop you showing it to anybody.

The arpeggiating background lead sounds too bold on the edges (different waveform maybe?) and detune ratio of it’s subtone could be a little less imho.

You’re too honest. Both of you ;) But thanks anyway… :D

Also, if you’re going to send it out - make sure you make your ‘musical statement’ as soon as possible in the track. Those A&R guys/girls will not listen to 20 seconds of only a drum, even if you’re setting the mood.

Why not? Because they get hundreds of tracks each week that they need to review. :lol:

If you do land a contract, your track will be reworked anyways, so it’s no problem to condense your track into a straight starter. Bang! Get going! You need to draw their attention immediately.

About the track itself, I agree it lacks the fatness of a commercial track (soundwise). The snare is a bit too tinny and all in all it sounds a bit too timid, if you catch my drift. The bassdrum is LOUD though, but that’s not the same thing. Make things louder overall, use a little distortion, stuff like that. Maybe introduce an in-your-face lead synth or some nice pads.

Above just my opinion, and what does that mean in the grand scheme of things ;)

I am curious what it would sound like with a singer though!

Actually they are only directions which specific areas to reconsider in close analysis, your feelings remain in charge of the final outcome, it is your creation and not ours.

No :) I guess you’re totally right. But I made a loooong brake with music-producing. So I see much room of improvement, too…