Please Make Pattern Effect Command Configurable

Hi, I’ve been using renoise for a couple of years now and there is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy, and it’s the limitations of the Parameter Effect Command! It’d be really awesome if you could configure which parameters are accessible to the Pattern Effect Command per plugin (and visible in general)! Many plugins have more than 16 parameters and anything over that can only be automated with an envelope. Could you add a configuration button to the full plugin parameter slider view (accessible with the show/hide parameter sliders button), and allow us to click on the parameters we want exposed to the Pattern effect command, and also have those sliders visible when the full parameter slider view is hidden? It would also be really great to be able to rename parameters. Altogether, I think this would make working with plugins a LOT easier in general, and also make the parameter effect command extremely versatile, instead of being limited arbitrarily.

Envelopes are great, but I absolutely love being able to use pattern effect commands to automate/control parameters directly.


This sounds reasonable.

I would suggest that it could be implemented in the same way the VSTi automation device allows choosing a target parameter for each slider.

This would also be solved with the idea of a meta device that allows you to simplify the appearance of DSP chains, taking the most useful parameters of a bunch of VSTs and assigning them to a position on a new meta-device, thus allowing the minimalising of a large group of DSPs into one visual component.

Sounds like a macro of some sort, these are quite typical for higher-end visual effects software (exposing only some settings of complex setup). This would be good for sharing DSP chains as presets, too.

Selectable pattern effect sounds very reasonable too (I would also like vertical automation laid next to tracks themselves, would be easier to see what’s going on).