Please: Pixel Scrolling In Tracker View And Custom Fonts


Using Renoise on a LCD display sometimes really annoys me, because the pattern somehow only scrolls per row. The scrolling of the pattern view generally looks not good on lcd displays. But I think it could be easily improved…

Can you please implement:

  • Pixel based scrolling in pattern editor, I mean really smooth scrolling, as in aodix -> much better for lcds

  • customizable pattern font, font padding settings. The standard bold fonts look awful on my 24’’ lcd

  • variable column padding

  • If pattern scrolling is of, option to “auto change page”


I agree a smoother scroll would look more pleasant, +1 for that.

But I don’t understand why a “per row”-scroll would look worse on a LCD screen.
If you are scrolling per row, the screen will be displaying the pattern for a longer time and will suffer less from the LCD response time motion blur compared to scrolling smoother/more often.

There could be an option since there probably is some kind of CPU penalty?

edit -> preferences -> gui -> global settings

maybe changing the framerate will improve the scrolling on your lcd?

Pixel based scroll might use more CPU than row scrolling I assume. And selecting truetype or non-fixed width fonts would do either, and also would interfere with pattern’s order of columns.

Personally I feel nothing wrong with the scroll nor the font, AAMOF I like the Amiga-ish font style.