Please Rip Multi-linking Straight From Fl Studio 8 Xxl

Out of their manual:

"Multi-link - To link multiple controls in one session, use the Multi-link option on the recording panel. Select the switch, tweak all the target controls, then tweak the same number of knobs on your hardware controller and turn off the switch (most people can remember about 7 links, how good is your memory?). "

“Select this switch to start the multi-link process. Tweak some software controlls, tweak the same number of hardware knobs and they will link in the same order the software controls were tweaked. Turn off the ‘Multi-link controllers’ switch when you are done. Controller movements can then be recorded if desired”

It is that simple, you’ll have multiple knobs and/or faders on a dsp/vst(i) linked with your external midi controller within seconds.

Good Idea!
had an idea of this too a while back when messin around with the lfo device thinking how nice it would be to control a bunch of different parameters in the exact same way. but i didn’t call it multilink. i would call it “The Slider Bay” or “Focused sliders”

yes, naming conventions aside…multi-link / auto-link / slider-bay etc :) I think this is great functionality that speeds up the mapping considerably. You wouldn’t have to add an automation editor and browse to the desired parameter(s) to map anymore…just tweak a knob on a vst(i) succeeded by a controller knob & volilá. Under the hood, n00b efficient (maybe in the case of renoise it would automatically add an automation device + selection of tweaked knobs in right order).

  • I think a lot can be learned (stolen ;) ) from how Fl Studio handles things, from the browser to their pattern arranger (playlist) to simple things like grouping in the stepsequencer for the sake of better oversight in a pattern.

fl is certainly broken free of that "its just a toy"image many people have given it.multi-linking would be so nice to see in renoise,so im with jonas on this one

please rip multi-linking :dribble:

Don’t just rip it - improve upon it!!!

For instance, how about taking some of the element from the velocity device, such as range, scaling and min/max and applying it to the effect? This would open up a lot of extra options. You’d be able to make a crossfader, simply by inverting the min/max, or a equal-power panning, by scaling the signal differently for each destination.

sure, extra scalability would be a nice addition, tho the power of this basic multi-linking functionalities lies in the fact that it is so simple…