Please Scream Inside Your Heart

Here are 3 new songs made in Renoise, released today under a new secret identity (not that you would have been aware of the old, non-secret identity). These songs had been waiting for a name to be released under, and it was only this week that an appropriate one came out of the internet.

The lyrics are co-written by a human and a machine, and performed by software. No external samples were used to make this. Everything comes from synth plugins running in Renoise and sampled and modified in place. Not sure why that was important but it was…

These are a new direction for the new identity, and it would be great to know what you think of them.


Very interesting project and cool production too; it bring me back to Gary Numan and the 80’ robotic era.

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This is really interesting!

So is the software writing any of the music or the melodies, or is it just doing lyrics?

That’s a good question. For these 3 songs, the melodies and music are all human, but next time we will try to co-write these! It would be nice if people couldn’t be sure which bits were done by a human, and which bits by a machine.

I think sometimes generative music or music that uses AI gives a bit too much control to the computer, so humans don’t get a lot out of listening to it. We’re trying to find somewhere in the middle, where the computer helps the human communicate, and vice versa, so doing this with the music itself would be a good next step if we can work it out.

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Really interesting project. I like the aesthetic you’re going for with it design wise too.

How did you create the vocals? I wonder if there’s anything you could do processing wise. Some distortion, reverb, delay could give it some character and help it sit in the mix more.