Please Tell Me This Song Was Made In Renoise

I hope it was, heres the youtube of the song

hmm i’m guessing it wasn’t…

Fooled by the visuals?

Because if I close my eyes, I’m at the local gym on the treadmill and this is what comes out the speakers.

PS: I’m loving the video. Just saying…

Actually, while I’m here damaging my liver, there’s something questionable about my taste.

Clearly, if this was the 90s i’d fucking hate this, but the visuals are so slick the pianos riffs get the hair on my neck to stand up.

Either I’m a taste maker or I’m an old man who’s lost the plot. I can’t tell the difference. Which means either contemporary culture is tepid or I’m and old man.

There is the theory of a moebius where time becomes a dad.