Plogue Bidule Automation

hey there…

im using plogue bidule inside of renoise and wonder how to setup automation correctly?!

just wanted to control z3ta synth with the novation remote 49 sl mk2. at the standalone version of bidule i select a midi input device and using the parameter funtion to connect the slmk2 to z3ta´s fil1 cutoff for example. this works fine so far but…

…when doing this in renoise, i cannot select the novation remote 49 sl mk2 as it is still used in renoise and checked as midi input. is there a way to duplicate that midi input to make it usable even for bidule? or what to do here?

regards, kola

EDIT: nvrmind…i got it :)

Hi Kola!

I saw your other post about Cthulhu and now this one about Bidule. You’re certainly on the right track in terms of opening up some really interesting and powerful midi/audio routing possibilities within Renoise. It’s been awhile since I’ve done much tinkering around in Bidule/Renoise but If I recall correctly, Cthulhu can be used to work with midi information within Bidule in Renoise, fairly trivially. If you incorporate some virtual midi cables (Such as MidiYoke), it’s fairly easy to send the data back to Renoise.

So if my memory serves me, you create an input device within bidule with the midi input from your sl mk2, chain it up with Cthulhu/whatever other midi processing you feel like, then output the midi using an output device to a virtual midi port via something like MidiYoke. In Renoise, set the virtual midi port outputted from Bidule, as an input midi device.

Combining Bidule and Renoise can lead to some pretty wild routings of both audio and midi, though, it tends to get extremely unstable and processor intensive fast.

Let me know if this helps/if you come up with something nifty. :)

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huhu :rolleyes:/>


its easy like that (no need of virtual midi because plogue routes it all)…

Ah, yes that’s certainly a clean way about it! :)

The virtual midi cable route was more so to send the processed midi (expanded chords/etc.) back into Renoise to save it in the track.
(Not sure if this even works well/if there’s some latency issues involved. Probably easier to do this in another daw and import the midi…)

Edit: Had a listen! The joys of arps and 1 key triggering of chords. :) Sounding good so far!

Have you figured out linking parameters between multiple Bidule instances and Renoise automation/meta devices yet? This kinda stuff can get really “how-far-down-the-rabbit-hole-do-you-want-to-go”-ie :P

haha, you want me going like that:

no, didnt try that so far…but the possibilities seem to be amazing :slight_smile:

Please someone explain how to setup Bidule in Renoise 3.0.1 ) Configured the same circuit as mentioned on kolacell’s screenshot, but no sound ( without Cthulhu, Z3ta works fine inside Bidule, but connected to Cthulhu - no sound at all

Bwahaahahahh ))) i just must tick the “Learn” button in Cthulhu )))