Plogue dx7 first note not rendered

PLogue has just released a dx7 emulation , needless to say I bought it instantly
Renoise doesn’t render the first note(while rendering to selectin ) , only a small portion of it
There is no demo to try it out

Wow nice synth, finally a new FM synth with a proper interface. How is the CPU load? Tested Arturia FM thing, too, but wasn’t impressed by the heavy cpu load…

Regarding your problem, does OPS-7 introduce a synth PDC? Did you try to disable/enable auto-sleep? Is it only the first note in the song while rendering and not live played?

I have the feeling that the first note doesn’t render as soon as the synth itself has some PDC (have the same problem with Zebra 2).

PS: Hm, no demo, it seems…

Reveal Spire used to have an issue with its first note rendered as if an immediate note-off was triggered, the developer has thankfully finally fixed it but maybe the VST developers use a buggy framework?

The cpu usage can be high but this depends on a lot of things
You have essentially two dx7’s layers , so disabling one layer halves the load
I have a pretty old pc ( almost 10 years ) , dexed uses 3% , one layer of plogue uses 14 percent , so it’s good enough
There is also extended mode where each operator has an independent feedback parameter , extended waveforms and noise ,this increase cpu with 2 %
Go for it , it’s worth every penny !
About the auto sleep /suspend …no that doesn’t solve the issue and I don’t have that problem with zebra either ( zebra HZ)

I tried the demo now a bit. Sounds really good. But where is the filter? Also I can’t see a real improvement in usability over dexed? The envelopes are weird, no bending either? Why all these limitations, don’t understand…

What filter , it’s an fm synth
What bending ?? , you mean the pitch envelope , it’s there
The low pass filter found in dexed was originally not on the dx7 , at least not in the signal path as a variable filter , there was a filter but this waas located at the output dac which have been painstakingly modelled by plogue ( again it’s not a variable sweeping filter )
Plogue op7 is marvelous and a 1:1 re-creation of the original dx7 + some extra features like feedback per operator , tx17 waveforms , modulation step lfo’s etc… (if you wish to use them )

Oh yeah , render issue is fixed , plogue is top notch !!

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Totally agree with all, Plogue is l337 hax0r, still not sure, if this is my synth regarding workflow, since workflow usually is the most important point for me hehe

for example, how the fuck do I switch the waveforms? RTFM obviously…

Turn on EXTEND mode , then click the icon in the upper right corner
of the operator

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