Plpareq3 Vsts: Problem With Pdc (Wrong Latency)

  1. When PLParEQ3 (I have v 2.24) is on a track with PDC enabled, there is still latency.
  2. However, when PDC is disabled, there is almost no latency. (Almost, because if you put two snares in parallel, one without effects, you can still hear some “flanging” sound, so it’s not perfectly aligned/latency compensated)

BTW, I also tried with SIR and PDC worked as expected.

PLParEQ also crashed once when I was switching ‘quality’ from 5 to 1. I guess it might just be buggy…

Here’s the PDC info when using PLParEQ (looks just like with SIR, only with lower latency):

PDC is enabled  
--- Song's total/max generator latency: 0 Samples (0.00 ms) ---  
Active instrument compensation delays:  
--- Song's total/max FX latency: 8192 Samples (185.76 ms) ---  
Track('01'): Device('VST: Refined Audiometrics Laboratory: PLParEQ3') -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Active track compensation delays:  
Track('02') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Track('03') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Track('04') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Track('05') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Track('06') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Track('07') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Track('08') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Track('Mst') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  
Track('S01') input delay -> 8192 Samples (185.76 ms)  

Windows 7 64, X2 CPU, directsound.

Hello ermi,

could you please report this to the PLParEQ3 then? Renoise can not guess how much latency a plugin introduces “for real”. We have to rely on correct values from the plugin. There really is not much we can do in such cases…

I tried now in Live and Reaper and it worked fine as far as PDC, but in Reaper it crashed consistently on ‘quality’ (5->1) change. I also think it used to work better in the older versions of Renoise.

I will report it to the makers, tho, since it looks buggy in general.