pls add a Rewire on/off switch

pls add a rewire on/off switch in Renoise’s Preferences.
thanks !!!

Renoise currently does asks you before you launch into ReWire mode:

I guess the Live 9 ReWire bug that you experienced for some reason screwed this up?


What perhaps may be a good idea is changing the ReWire master host detection into an option in the audio preferences by allowing to select “Rewire Slave” as an audio device and change the audiocard options to those for the ReWire options.
But if the ReWire engine dll cannot be hooked into during a live session, i doubt this ReWire slave detection can be changed to make it optional.

i’m asking for a switch do DISABLE Rewire !
Permanently (well - as long as switch is off) - until switch is ON again and Renoise restarted.

  • Abl Live has something like this and Reaper too.

why should i have Rewire problems if i dont use Rewire often !?

Go to c:\program files\Renoise 2.8.1 and rename rewire_engine.dll to _rewire_engine.dll, does that help?

Vincent: nope :)/> it doesnt !
i’m old in this game and i tried a lot … :)/>
it needs to be coded inside Renoise.
if the Renoise Gods will decide that …

let’s be clear here
it’s not Renoise’s fault !
it’s Ableton 9 (only 9 !)'s problem.
they will fix this - i’m sure.
but a Rewire ON/OFF switch in Renoise will be useful still …

A pity then. Might be that Ableton has some kind of rewire dll stub somewhere as well, i don’t know if Ableton would crash if you would rename that stub, but it will most likely no longer cause Renoise to crash with the startup.

Yes Ableton is messing up, because in case if ReWire Master detection would be an optional switch, it would still happen if you would really want to slave Renoise to Ableton (you currently can’t slave Renoise to Ableton as i understand the situation correctly).