plug in turnado

hi there, hope this is the right forum…right now i have renoise 2.8 -64 bit…this is a bit hard to explain…im using the turnado plug in- everything is fine except when i record an effect…lets say i record an effect in the middle of a pattern… at the end of the pattern the effect is turned off and at the start of pattern its off too…but when i start the pattern over to listen to it…(even hitting stop record prior to the pattern looping)its like the effect is’ on’ right at the start of the pattern even though there no effect in the column…i make sure the effect is all the way off before it loops…but very often when i listen to what i just recorded the effect is ‘on’ when i start the loop to listen to what ive just done…seems like a bug but im not sure

You have to initialize the “off” section. At the start of the pattern insert a command to turn the effect off. It will turn the effect on when it’s told to, and if there’s nothing telling it to turn off then it won’t.

this dosnt seem to work…it seems like the more i monkey with it the worse it gets…i seriously think its a bug…i might try opening a new column for more than one effect so it doesnt clutter it…but im not sure

If you have this plugin, a small example xrns with working setup might help.
gstrob, which version of the tornado plugin do you have?

I don’t actually have the turnado plugin, this is just what I have found to be true of effects plugins. Well not 100% of the time but it’s what I always do to be certain it behaves the way I want.

edit: I did want to ask, what method are you using to “record” the off/on state of the plugin? Are you right-clicking the check-box to insert a pattern command to do this (which is what I meant) or is it something you’re doing internally in the plugin itself? Upon rereading the way you phrased “record an effect” made me curious.

yes im right clicking the check box…but also i tried using my knobs on the keyboard but had the same problem…it seems to work right for a bit but when i monkey with it it goes haywire…ill load up at file here soon -when i tried to record something last time it work well that time…it does this bug thing only on and off

heres4237 forum talk turnado(with off).xrns an example with an off command at the start

In that file you have only put an off command for the plugin itself though, you need to enter more “off” (0) commands for the effects in the plugin themselves. Click the arrow next to Ext. editor and right click drag Control 1 and 2 all the way to the left on the first beat. (you’ll have to make more effect columns first)

that seems to be working for now…the problem with this alleged bug thing is it comes and goes so well see:)