Plugexpert - School Stuff


A modern-day Revolution 9 meets the effects tracks for Star Trek. Very trippy. If I ever do acid again I’ll be sure to play these–they’re in my mp3 list now.

amazing! :)

succes op school !


might not work too well on the dancefloor caugh but i like experimental stuff, and this piece is no exception.

i’ve yet to hear a tune of yours making an exception anyways.
and i still don’t understand in how far wavelab is important for you to write / post-process your stuff.
do you render seperate channels? or is it the sum you’re processing with wavelab?

Great production quality!

Hey ehm

I like your track: andreas + dsp a lot… To me this was an unknown genre… Electronic i[/i] Junge. soo relaxing

Didn’t quite understand your two other tracks though :( Just 4 minutes of weird bleebs, transistor-radio-sounds and a tittle added to them… sorry man. It could be me being stupid, but imo it’s shite :ph34r:
Ik heb ze voor de zekerheid 2x geluisterd)




it’s art in the first place and music in the second.
regard it that way and the tunes certainly won’t become more pleasant, but at least more comprehensive and respectable.



Very interesting! I really dig/like this! How can anyone ever come out with something new if nobody goes “experimental”?
What I would really like, to be honest, is having you posting somewhere a pack of those wonderfully crafted noises!! :)

LOL :lol: :lol:

I guess you simply are mislead because what you hear does not fit any average musical “style”, there’s no beat, no rhymed lyrics and so on…
To you sounds like shit because, somehow it goes out of what people know and understand.
To me it sounds pretty good because somehow it goes out of what people know and understand.

You know, I don’t know, not for sure, if this is even music… but that’s not the point.
I regard it as a truly joyfull experiment.
One thing is for sure: If I listen at it removing any expectation I will surely find it “comprehensive” and no matter how weird one goes with experimenting… when the result is fruit of a precise effort then it automatically gain my respect.

As jonas the plugexpert said: Different strokes for different folks. And i also agree with your explanation.

Experiments like these are bound to get heavy criticism. So if a forum is anything like the real world… here you go

Even if this was made with two rocks and a rope (wich would have been a huge effort)
Not many people would be willing to accept music the way jonas presents it in those two tracks… Play this in front of 100 people and you’ll get a riot -> :D (Get that dj!! I dont think the dj would survive <_<


Reminds me of a video that was going around the internet a while ago. Aphex Twin (under the pseudonym “DJ Smojphace”) opened for Bjork at one of her UK gigs in 2003 I think. Anyway… Aphex was on playing some interesting/cool stuff, people were cheering, then he suddenly broke into some pretty hardcore noise music, hehe. The cheering gradually stopped and turned into a lot of “WTF!?!” and booing. Apparently he played like that for around 90 minutes, haha.

Good stuff. :D

These rocked :D

I’ve been into this kind of style for some time now, even made my own two variations of the theme to be found here only they aren’t mangled in any way, only played live with some neato fx :P

yo i would truly like to hear more of the style you did for td
i cant believe they didnt put your tune on that vinyl i havent heard the full tune yet but i know that if it would have been on there it would have made that vinyl a serious peice of Weaponry!

oh hey, i just reread the thread an realized you should look into supercollider3
it would be perfect for this.

I totally hear Bantai here

( @ Bantai: all my 7 thumbs up )

Hope you dig Bantai’s point.
“Play this in front of 100 people” taken among what context? From a disco-club?
Do you use the same principle to judge Johan Sebastian Bach?
It sux because it does not have a 4/4 bassdrum?

( Edit: oh, it’s conteXt… not “contest”)

Well… good for you :huh:

Congratz to Bantai… -_- who just won 7 thumbs from Parsec in this little opinion contest. I guess you made Parsec proud eh? lol

:mellow: uh?

Too bad you can’t hear the beauty of this genre… But then again, it’s too bad I can’t hear the beauty of opera. :P

Strange, strange stuff… I liked Vosimm, could be a nice tune to play while discovery channel shows various pictures of planets and solar systems… In the background while some guy/girl explains all the different … things, about the universe…