Plugexpert Unfinished Remixeroni…%20remix%29.mp3

what I was working on today, like to hear some opinions on the mix, balance / bass / highs etc :)

This first section has a very light beat, only thing I plan on adding to the beat is some sporadic reverb accents on the claps, + maybe insert some effected claps (delayed, flanged) + the kick needs to bang out harder imo. Also the synth snipbits, are gonna change for sure, was just laying the basics this afternoon. Excusez moi for spamming unfinished stuff :)

grts rico

its not spam as long as someones interested…

the kick comes through fine on my system, very IDMish feel. To be quite honest I like this in its current form…

+1 interest.

It sound good on my old system (fireface800->sansui au-7500->tannoy nfm8).

or you can keep it like that, it sound good too!

ps: I’ve vote for you, great tracks in fact!

cheers guys, glad it comes though ok through your speaker setups -> crit on another board was that beneath the 100hz there could be much more energy present, as now it lacks basfrequencies lower then 100hz. Will adres that.

and thanks for voting on my tracks illektrobot!

I dig this stuff, and on my system it sounds as good as anything else production-wise. If you’re going to change the synth and so on, keep this version as an original mix/backup. That way you can have two great tracks.

:) yes, I’ll probably keep the ‘main’ synths (which are actually looped samples run through a guitar amp vst :) , I’ll do some other stuff with those shorter versions that sporadically emphasise it, maybe some delays. cheers