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no work in progress linkage in this thread :slight_smile: , but a hardcopy announcement / release of music on the new Dutch Electronica label: Etherkreet.

Some info:

[i]"Based on sound material made in the analogue studio of the Institute of Sonology, this album is dense & varied with many diffuse sequences following each other up in a spliced tape-collage manner…Starting out with skewed and clicky rhythms from pulse generators, it grows more hecticnear the end with thick layers of noisy and abrasive material.

The album has elements from video game music and drum & bass, but shaped into a hectic and unique sounding form: playful but detailed, with convulsing cut ups and hair pin corners all over."[/i]

For mp3 excerpts & ordering info, check:





Argh, Paypal! :confused:

Can I order through you, Jonas?
PM me your bankaccount or something?
Congrats on the release by the way!

Thanks Botb,

No ordering through me, have yet to receive the fresh packages myself :slight_smile:
Just got an email from ze labelchief with details on his bankacount, will pm you in a minute.



Yeah Paypal is the best :)
Lovely Jonas!

Yah I know, cheers… but I can draw funds from my bankaccount all by myself, thank you ;)

Why do you hate paypal that much?

I think nobody here ‘hates’ paypal, it is just a service not everybody is accustomed with/used before.

Personally I wasn’t aware I could also set up an account and have it draw straight from my normal bankaccount. Sounds like I have to look into the site again and do some reading :slight_smile: .

Btw, Frans de Waard from vital-weekly spend some words on my release:

“Richard Jonas recorded sound material in the analogue studio of the Institute of Sonology and from these sounds built his own work called ‘Stekkerspel’ (which is a funny word play as a ‘stekker’ means plug and ‘spel’ is game or play), referring to the plugs old analogue synthesizers have. He creates nine relatively short tracks with this material, which takes him all over the place. As easy going from serious ‘Forbidden Planet’ alike material, he can suddenly create a beat or two or leap into music for sci-fi computer games. As the pieces are short and joyful, this is a very nice release to hear. Jonas keeps his material fresh by not exploiting them to the hilt. A fine combination of styles mixed into something that might not be entirely unique, but which is refreshing to hear.”

Wow, Renoise skills at their best. Great stuff! Reminds me a bit of “Team Doyobi” sometimes.

What’s this institute of sonology? Is it like the French “GRM” (groupe réchèrche de musique)? Sounds interesting.

Check this link, and click ‘history’ on the left part of the screen to read all you need to know :slight_smile: :…rameset-uk.html

I’ve heard of grm, but am not sure how well it relates to sonology which is basically an electro-acoustic study.

cheers for the kudo’s btw.

Got it in the mail today! Going to listen tonight, thanks!

congrats jonas!

I will purchase a copy saturday. (when my work pays me I can pay for this :P )

Jonas, this is pretty fakking ace! Very very well executed, crazy as shit
but it makes sense in an interperspective nightmare sort of way.
Gloomy and moody atmospheres and most of the stuff that’s going on
are like soundscape acrobatics to me.

Vosimm and Siekwens are MAGIC!! Data Play is CLASSIC!!

Pick this one up kids, it’s psychoscaping for your speakers, a bargain!

Cheers mate, glad you like it! Good to see people this time and age still willing to purchase music & support the small niche’s :slight_smile: