Pluggo Interface Crashes Renoise On Osx Ppcs

I remember a while ago (maybe Renoise 2.0 RC2) there was a bugfix for Pluggo-based VSTs causing random crashes.

I’ve only just started using Pluggo (now on Renoise 2.5.1 / 2.6.0 b3) and I don’t think the issue has been resolved.

I get crashes with plugins that use a Max interface. Plugins without an interface (i.e. using Renoise’s default sliders) are very stable. Mostly I can instantiate a troublesome plugin just fine, and I can usually open its editor window the first time, but subsequent attempts to open its editor almost always cause a crash.

This occurs with even the most basic, silent Max patches, and the error message invariably mentions the GUI.

I’m running a PowerBook G4 with OS 10.5.8, latest Pluggo runtime, latest version of Max 4.

Anyone else getting this?

Taktik and crew, if you need more specifics just tell me what to post and I gladly will!

Thanks for reading,



unfortunately all we could see is that the plugins crashed at some point - randomly. So there really is not much we could do cause we can’t see what’s happening in the plugin - only Cycling 74 can…

If I remember well, this also only happened on PPCs, which unfortunately also is a reason why no one at Cycling will ever take a look into this problem again.

If only C74 were half as attentive and thoughtful as you!

Thanks for the lightspeed reply - I thought it was probably Cycling’s problem.

You’re right, since they can’t be bothered to fix all the hideous problems with Max5 they sure as shit won’t help us Pluggo users now.

Thanks anyway!