Pluggo Problem No Gui

I can’t seem to get pluggo plugins working properly. The DSP is happening but I don’t get the GUI and have to use renoise’s sliders. installed latest pluggo runtime
Thanks in advance!!

There is a compatability checkbox (Use more compatible GFX updates)in the GUI preferences of Renoise, does checking this box resolves your problems?

don’t have that check box
I’m running 1.9 on a mac g4 powerbook

Yeps sorry, mac does not have those quirks. Though pluggo plugins have been a pain in the ass for a while in Renoise, if you just use the phrase “pluggo” and search the whole forum for any date and older you will find out why.
I don’t know how these guys are coding but they are definately doing something wrong if their plugs keep pop up bugging in Renoise. I personally don’t have mac so can’t test your situation right here but a few teammembers can.

The strange thing is that it happens in other host apps too. I get no GUI in ableton either. I use Renoise much more these days so would like to get it going there

If you experience the same problems in other hosts then this is either a problem in your MacOS environment or something in the plug is wrong.
Are you using Cycling’74 original plugins or third party?
Not all 3rd party developers have a native interface implemented or they use the default interface in the best case that they don’t design a control interface for it.

Using tritone digital plugs, they definately have GUI
thanks again for your help