Plugin Auto-scale disabled after installation. It's possible?

This topic is about Plugin Options window: Auto-scale external editor on HiDPI screens (W10).

As of version 3.2.0, in the Plugins Options window there is a checkbox called Auto-scale that appears activated by default for all plugins (or that is what I understand).

Is there any way to change it? That is, the Auto-scale is never activated for any plugin. Is this checkbox in the preferences.xml file?

It turns out that in most of the plugins I use, scaling does not work correctly. I always have to deactivate the Auto-scale and reload the plugin. I know that the specific configuration of each plugin is saved individually. But it is annoying to have to do this one by one.

It would be very nice if Renoise had a plugin manager, who could enable or disable all those plugin properties in a single window.

I’m obviously using UI scaling in Renoise preferences, specifically 125% and 150%.

I have reviewed the API does not mention the plugin escalation option. So it’s not possible to create a tool

class: InstrumentPluginProperties

auto_suspend is available :slight_smile: It seems that the latest features have not been added in the API. If we had read / write access and _observable to all the properties of the plugins, it would be possible to build a centralized manager, to pre-configure each plugin and be able to launch it, even showing a small image of each plugin that could be editable (add image) by the user. It is a pity that tool programmers cannot do these things because these properties are missing in the API.

The auto-suspend options in the API that you refer do control the instrument plugin GUIs option. The one in the Plugin Options Window is the default for this value, so it’s a different setting.

All plugin default options are stored in the plugin cache db files (Renoise preference folder -> CachedXXXs_ARCH.db). So you can simply batch set them there with the SQlite command line tools or this cross platform SQlite Database Browser.

I have taken a look at all this but I find it somewhat complex to master.

I suppose that the control of the preferences of the VST / VSTi plugins is more complex in order to have all the preferences available from the API.

I would really like to create a window tool, with time, that would be a Plugins manager. A window where the user could manage all changes directly, with all options in sight (a window of list). Particularly, I don’t like having to open a specific window every time I want to change a preference. There is no way to visualize how all the states of preferences / properties of the plugins are. I talk about things like:

  • Loaded plugins (VSTi routed to the instrument, VST routed to the track)
  • If plugin VSTi loaded:
    • MIDI Channel
    • Transpose
    • Volume output
  • Plugin Name, plugin program name (preset)
  • All plugin options:
    • Show in device browsers
    • Auto-scale external editor on HiDPI screens
    • Use static processing buffers
    • Auto suspend plugin when silent
    • Can run in multi processor environments

It would be very nice to be able to have an integrated framework inside Renoise that shows all this information, for greater control. Unfortunately, some options are not available in the API.

Something like that I would like to see it also with the phrases. An integrated framework that lists its characteristics, at least to be able to locate phrase, edit the name, be able to compare phrases with each other, and things of this style.