Plugin Delay Compensation

just figured out that renoise is STILL having a huge latency when using
a plugin which has to be compensated but which is turned off.

is this the usual way and if yes, can’t the pdc be turned off when turning
off the plugin? … is abit annoying :(

still annoying …

add a feature do allow/disallow an fx plugin to be automatable or not.
then again, latest renoise is using plugin server, isn’t it doable to compensate it?

I agree, you sometimes want to temporarily disable a plug or chain to playback without effects, if the latency is considerable, this sucks when keying in the notes. Dunno what would be a good fix/compromise?

maybe … bypass AND a turn off button.

turning it off for good and just bypassing it (also via automation)… i think that would be a good solution.